adopted by (louis)

hi my name is alexa jewel tomlinson i am 13 and i have been adopted by louis tomlinsonm he is my dad and harry is my uncle (not really related just call him my uncle) perrie and me are really close and i might just meet some really good friends and maybe even a guy ;) ( please read and give feedback if its good)


14. Girl meets death Louid

Louis pov 

It's been 5 hours since we got here and we are still waiting to see if she's okey about an hour ago the doctor said they might not be able to save her but I believe that she will be okey I hope so just then the doctor walked out and said mr.tomlinson yes that's me I said sit down when he said that I knew it was bad sir we tried every thing but we couldn't reampitate her I'm so sorry sir but she's gone no no no no I screamed this cant be happening I can't loose my baby girl I'm sorry the doctor said and walked away then Perrie went crazy she said no no it's all my fault I should have been paying Attention awwww she was no screaming I can't loose her she's my best friend I said I need to get some fresh air then I walked out side and Niall came with me omg I said there where kids every where they had signs saying let me in the were screaming is Alexa ok I saw Luke Louis you have to get me in there he said please come on Luke I said we walked inside and I said Luke she's gone then I started to cry no he said then started crying can I see her he said yea go ask the doctor he said ok and walked off 


Luke's pov 

I walked up to the doctor and said excuse me sir can I see Alexa Tomlinson please sure he said and took me to a room there was a sheet over her and he said ill leave you alone now and walked out I lifted the sheet and there she was there was glass in her stitched up arm she had blood all  over her and I couldn't believe it so I felt to see if she had a pluse nope then I said baby you weren't Sapose to leave me not yet I love you I said then I kissed her in the lips then she kissed back and i was shocked her eyes opened and she was breathing Luke she said help me please I'm hurting where baby I said every where I feel like I've been dead I'm so cold you where dead I said then I screamed for a nurse and they came rushing in and they took her to the emergency room and I ran out and bumped into Perrie I screamed she's alive They took her to the E.R omg she said then we told the guys and girls then we rushed to the E.R waiting room and sat down and waited 

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