adopted by (louis)

hi my name is alexa jewel tomlinson i am 13 and i have been adopted by louis tomlinsonm he is my dad and harry is my uncle (not really related just call him my uncle) perrie and me are really close and i might just meet some really good friends and maybe even a guy ;) ( please read and give feedback if its good)


13. car reck

alexas pov

me and luke have been dating for 3 weeks now and im now his girl friend and right now me and perrie are going to the mall to meet Louis and zayn and el we got in the car and we where in a hurry and all of a suden i saw a car and it hit the car and i went threw the wind shild i was screaming and crying it was hard to breath i saw paps and then i heard perrie say o my god alexa alexa come on don't die on me please then she called 911 and then i blacked out i saw a bright light am i dieing


Louis's pov

me and el and zayn where in the food court waiting for perrie and alexa to get here then zayn said whats taking so long then he called perrie no answer then he called 3 more times still no answer then i said maybe her phones dead so i called alexa no answer i called 2 more times still no answer right when i was gunna call again my phone started ringing i answered

p-police l-Louis

l-hello p-hi are you Louis Tomlinson alexas dad l-yes i am is every thing ok p-not exactly im the chief police and alexa is being rushed to the hospital and perrie is the one that was driving but she is okey l-what i jumped up screaming and crying what happened i said shaking p-she was in a car reck when the ambulance got here she didn't have a puls she flew through th wind shild sir l- oh my god im on my way i then hung up and el said whats wrong babe they where in a car reck and alexas being rushed to the hospital and she has no puls then i said but perrie is okey oh my god they said we got in the car and drove to the hospital when we got their i saw a bunch f doctors and nurses around a bed and i saw what looked like my baby girl covered in blood it didn't look like her oh my god im gunna be sick i said then perrie came to me and i said i wanna know what happened ok she said


perries pov

when Louis got here he told me he wants to know what happened so i said ok then i said we where talking about going to the movies tomorrow and then this car hit us and she flew threw the wind shield and there where paps every where taking horrible pictures there was blood every where and glass i wasn't hurt i got out and called 911 and i guess they called you the last thing i said to her was alexa please don't die stay with me then she mumbled its hard to breath and blacked out and the ambulance took her and i stayed their to find out how it happened the other guy in the reck didn't get hurt he was drinking so it wasn't our fault hes going to jail the cops said and then they took me here

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