Coming Back to Julie

Ronan does not believe in ghosts, but he does believe in tradegys. Especially his fathers. Ronan's mom died giving birth to his stillborn sister, and his dad has never been the same. No longer is his dad the "jolly ol' Monty" he used to be. In a wild chace to get away from it all, Ronan's dad Monty moves them to the middle of nowhere, with it's own tradegy to tell. And when fate crosses Julie and Ronan, the small town will never be the same. Because Ronan is just who Julie is waiting for.


1. Prologue

June 7, 1973

The entire town is a sleepy thing, something that is barely disturbed. The trucks pull by; the townspeople call out to each other with morning hellos.

Only a few know that my beloved Peter is moving away.

We were in love, something I thought I would never find in this old, sleepy town. Peter was leaving to find a new world, as each day he struggles in this old town. I am not coming with him. Peter says he wishes to make some money so he can support me when we eventually marry.

The thought of marriage makes my heart swoon. He says that he will come back one day; sweeping through the town in the fanciest car money can buy. He says he will sing my name to the skies, in a chance to win me over to marry him. I can hear his voice.

“Julie, oh Julie, the loveliest of all the fair maidens in this small town!”

The voice I heard was not just one of my imaginations, as I looked out of my father’s two-story egg blue house, and their stood peter. His dark brown locks were slightly gelled, he had on modest pants, and a purple top with the first two buttons undone. Running out of the house, I jumped into Peter’s arms.

“My sweet darling” cried my Peter.

I could not help but giggle at him, my brown hair trying to fall out of the neat bun I had arranged it in. I leaned in to kiss Peter’s lips, and he let me. One of his arms circled around my waist, as the other was holding my head.

“What are you doing here love?”

“I’ve come to say good bye.”

“Goodbye? You are supposed to leave tomorrow morning! Why now? What’s the rush?”

Peter’s bright blue eyes looked at mine sadly, yet I could see the dancing excitement swirling in them.

“I could not stand this town anymore. I have arranged a job interview and if I leave now I can make it to my apartment that I have rented with time to spare to get to the early appointment.”

“But I will miss you darling” I whispered, tears filling my hazel eyes.

Peter let go of my face, putting his head down. I let my fingers trail through his brown locks lovingly, memorizing the feel of his slightly gelled hair.

“Listen Julie, I have to go. I am doing this for you, to make a better life for us. I am going to come back, just you see. You remember the store we met at right?”

“How could I forget it Peter? It is the only little store in town.”

“I want you to wait for me there, on the bench outside? Every afternoon come to the bench at sunset, and one day I will be waiting for you, okay?”

I lifted Peter’s head up, my eyes meeting his. I traced my finger across his face, trying to memorize the gentle curve of his eyebrows, the strong nose with the slight crook due to the time he fell off his bike, his soft lips. I kissed him softly, gently, with as much love as I could possibly muster. I loved Peter to the moon and back, and I promised to myself that every day I would wait on that bench, waiting for his return.

“Of course I will wait for you; I will wait for you forever.”

We took our time walking to the little store, where I would see Peter off. He had left his car there before walking to get me. We held hands the entire way. As we approached the store, Peter sat me down on the bench, before giving me, the most passion filled kiss ever.

“I love you Julie”

“I love you Peter”

July 4, 1974

Sunset started to sink on the bright red pharmacy’s front door, and Julie came just on time to sit down on her bench. Her friends had begged and begged her to come to the Fourth of July party, but no prodding moved Julie. But it was not the same without Peter. Peter. Julie looked around helplessly as the sun rapidly faded. Peter had to be coming today he just had to. The store was closed today due to the celebration of the United States’ independence. Julie did not see the car coming. The car did not see Julie. All Julie remembers his feverish wishing for Peter, then a great crash.

Julie died on July 4, 1974. She has not broken her promise to Peter. People see Julie, she sees them. Her father’s house is the same egg blue it was before, but now with plumbing. Nobody has moved in, with locals claiming that it is “Julie’s house”.

Julie can be seen outside on the store’s bench, right when the sun starts setting, and not a moment before. People claim to see her walk back home, late at night.

Julie is waiting for Peter.


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