Coming Back to Julie

Ronan does not believe in ghosts, but he does believe in tradegys. Especially his fathers. Ronan's mom died giving birth to his stillborn sister, and his dad has never been the same. No longer is his dad the "jolly ol' Monty" he used to be. In a wild chace to get away from it all, Ronan's dad Monty moves them to the middle of nowhere, with it's own tradegy to tell. And when fate crosses Julie and Ronan, the small town will never be the same. Because Ronan is just who Julie is waiting for.


5. Chapter 4

Tony’s family was a special case. They had brought food, as I had requested. It took them about five minutes to eat most of what they had brought, and most of the food my dad had provided also. My dad had complained the moment they came wrestling through the door, with the twins hanging off their brothers.

The twins were the second youngest, and the worst. Brett and Brendon were the ones who through the football out the window earlier today. Tony told me that they were obsessed with the game, and carried their lucky football everywhere. They had started a pickup game in the yard, which everyone except their brothers were frowning at in disapproval.

The youngest name was Caleb. He had too big clothes on, that were most likely hand-me downs. He had a flow haircut that covered his eyes, the only boy without curls. He was sulking off to the side, frowning at his brothers and throwing the football into the bushes.

I did not know the other ones, as they were actively playing football and shouting random sayings and plays at each other. I had been pulled aside by my dad and had to greet my neighbors, and currently I was fidgeting uncomfortable under the gaze of the crazy cat lady and her crazy cat.

Apparently, her name was Mrs. Vitruvius, and she was the one with the nephew named Tyler. Tyler was according to Tony, “mildly attractive.” Tyler had a short dark brown hair, swept to the side. He stood taller than I stand about two inches, and wore a too tight t-shirt. His t-shirt showed that he did have some sort of muscle.

He had been looking around with a slightly disgusted look, as if the ground was too dirty for him. So far, all Tyler did was pick at some fruit salad and look bored.

Mrs. Vitruvius, aka crazy cat lady, was shooting questions at me and bragging about Tyler. These questions were just like;

“So, Ronan, how good are your grades? My darling Tyler has gotten straight A’s in all his classes.”

“Did you know that Tyler was captain of the baseball team? What are you the captain of?”

“Tyler works hard to improve his muscles, and you child are as skinny as a stick! Do you even eat?”

I was ready to whack her with a plate if she didn’t shut up. One of Tony’s brothers came sauntering back up to the food. This was my chance, I needed out of this crazy conversation.

“Hey, pssh, can you lend a guy a hand here? I can’t get her to stop!”

He gratefully took the hint, grabbing a hold of my arm.

“Sorry to interrupt, but we need another player on the team.” He said, smirking at the crazy cat lady (abbreviation for her now is CCL).

“Then why don’t I join in, hmm?” said Tyler, already placing his plate down on the table. 

“Sure man, do whatever you want,” said Tony’s brother, and soon he led us down to the lawn, which was missing most of its grass.

I met Tony down on the field, who was fishing the ball out of the bushes, yelling at Caleb as she did so for throwing it in the bushes again. As she emerged from the bushes, she whipped the ball at Caleb’s balls, which hit its target. Caleb fell like a bag of bricks, moaning on the ground.

“That’s what you get you little dick!” said Tony, marching to pick the football back up again.

Brett called out for Tony to throw the ball, and she then whipped it at his balls. Brett managed to dodge, yelling “Cheap shot!” loudly. She joined me on the sidelines, huffing and blowing a piece of hair out of her face.

The game continued, with Tyler taking Tony’s place. Right now seemed like a good time to have her explain who each of her brothers were.

“Tony, you want to tell me who is who? I don’t really know who everyone is, except for Brett, Brendon, and Caleb.”

“Well, you seen the one over there with the swooped haircut, the one with the most hair gel?” said Tony, pointing to an older boy holding off an angry Brendon.

“That’s Zayne, he’s the oldest. He only lives with us on the weekends because he has his own apartment above where he works, which is like an hour away. He’s 19, turning twenty soon.  The one with the football is Damien; he’s 17, a year older than me.”

Damien was the one with the curliest hair, falling around his face. He was tall, not as tall as Zayne who was almost breaking past the 6ft mark, but close. They both have many freckles, with Damien with more than Zayne. Damien had more of a baby face.

“Then me, then the twins Brett and Brendon. They are both twelve, and then Caleb is ten. My mom was done after me, but fate made her have the twins and Caleb. Caleb was not planned at all; it was like ‘surprise! You guys are having a younger brother!’”

I nodded, looking at the boys passing the ball among them, completely comfortable. Damien was chatting up Tyler, as they both were the same year. I had learned earlier that Tyler was one year older than I was. Tony and I stood in a nice silence, watching the ball fly from one brother’s hands to another. When Damien passed the ball to a bored Caleb, it hit him in the gut.

“That’s it! I don’t want to play this with you morons! I’m going to go get some food, maybe put some ice on my gut!” Caleb screamed, stomping to the table.

“Don’t forget to ice your balls also!” screamed Tony in reply.

“Tyler!” screeched CCL from the porch, her face a mix of fury.

“We are leaving Tyler! I can’t stand the insufferable language these heathens are throwing about!”


“No buts mister! Come on!”

“Sorry guys gotta go,” apologized Tyler, passing the football off to Damien

“Guy’s so whipped by his grandma” chuckled Zayne, his hand running through his locks.

“And we are not whipped by ours?” said Caleb, who had taken a seat on the porch steps, his face a picture of gloom.

“Shut up Caleb,” said Tony, her arms crossed as she looked at her youngest brother.

“We need two more people to play, since Tyler left and Caleb is a loser,” Said Brett, who moved away from his twin.

“I am not a loser!” said Caleb indignantly.

“You are a loser. Tony and Ronan, you guys in?”

“Only if Ronan is on my team, then I’ll play with you dickheads.”

“I don’t play sports. Or move, or be active, or…”

“He’s in!” said Tony before I could finish my plea that I don’t play sports, ever.

Tony grabbed my arm, leading me into the middle of the boys. Zayne explained the teams.

“Now, the teams are me and the twins, and Damien has Ronan and Tony. Do you guys want to organize this a little?”

“Team huddle team Damien Rocks now!” screamed Damien, his figure pointed in the air.

“That is not going to be are team name. Nope. It has to be something cool. How about The Avengers? That should be our name. I can be Iron Man, Damien can be Captain America, and Ronan can be Bruce Banner. Therefore, when we go for a play, I can shout out ‘Steve!’ and that means pass to Damien. I would shout out Bruce for Ronan, and you guys shout out Stark for me.”

“I’d rather you shout out Banner for me, I don’t like the name Bruce, I have a creepy uncle named Bruce.”

“Alright, so we shout out Banner for Ronan. Any questions?”

“Go team Avengers!” shouts Damien, a big smile stretched across his face.

“You ready to get your asses kicked?” taunted the twins, who looked like ferocious little beasts, their brown eyes glowing underneath their sandy curls. 

I hate sports so much.


I didn’t know how to explain the game. The first part was that Zayne caught on to our little game, and I kept forgetting to call Damien ‘Steve’. Second was that the twins were fast, wicked fast, able to catch up to Tony, Damien and me whenever we had the ball. Zayne had also taken on Tony, who was amazing at football. She couldn’t do anything as Zayne picked her up and threw her into the bushes most plays, rendering her help useless. They all finally went home after Zayne’s team beat us to a bloody pulp.

What I missed when they went home was that the twins started calling me ‘Hulk’, and the nickname had been affirmed mine until the end of time. Tony now was declaring she wanted to change her last name to Stark, and the twins thought they were part of the shield agency, and even went as far as to start calling their mom ‘agent Hill’. Zayne became Hawkeye, which left Caleb to be Black Widow. He was not happy about being the girl in the crew, especially because of Tony being a girl, but he lost that argument.

How do I know this? Because after the cookout and they all went home, Tony called me and told me what happened. Her dad had also been called Nick Fury, and forced to wear an eye patch from one of the twins Halloween costumes. It was a hilarious joke that they insisted on carrying out. The newest joke was the Hawkeye (Zayne) was on a mission and would return to shield headquarters, aka Tony’s ugly purple house, in a week.

I had been invited over to Tony’s house, and was currently in the game room, playing Halo 4. After a horrendous battle with the twins, we had claimed front spots on the couch, and the two best controllers. Brett was on his stomach on the floor, swearing at the buttons as his character kept running into walls, and Brendon was busy shooting at me as I ran away. Tony was already winning the damn thing, and kept telling me to go first. She was using me as a meat shield.

“That’s it, I’m done!” shouted Brett, and getting up he unplugged the TV.

“NO!!!!!!” screamed Tony, her voice ratcheting off the walls.


Tony took off after Brett, who scrambled away. This left Brendon and I laughing hysterically in the game room.

“Come on, let’s see what Tony is gonna do to Brett this time.”

“This has happened before? Are you gonna help him?”

“Hell no! I have to save my own ass, not Brett’s! Never mess with Tony when she wants to mess with someone. All of Satan’s wraith will rain down on your head if you do. Of course this has happened before, Brett’s a sore loser and Tony has a temper.”

“SHE IS GONNA KILL ME!” screamed a terrified Brett as he ran back up the stairs to the game room. Tony came up the stairs a moment, with cartooned steam blowing out of her ears. She quickly chased after Brett again.

“What is going on here?” said Mrs. Mathews (Tony’s mom), coming up the stairs after hearing the commotion.

“Tony’s trying to kill Brett again.”

“Again? What did Brett do this time?”

“He cut off Tony on a video game.”

Just then, Brett came barreling back down the hallway, his hair mussed. He hid behind his mom, holding onto her for dear life. Tony came running back down the hall until she spotted Brett hiding behind her mom, and fell into a walk.

“Sup mum, what you doing up here?”

“Tony, are you trying to kill Brett?”

“Course not mum, he and I are BFs for life,” said Tony, a fake smile plastered on her face. She was clearly expressing to Brett to keep his mouth shut.

“Mum, she gave me an ngwee and a wedgie.” Said Brett, his voice wavering.

“Tony, you know better than to hurt your brothers. No video games until tomorrow. Go outside, get some fresh air.”

“But mum! He ruined my game!” said Tony, pointing her finger at Brett.

“No buts! Outside, all of you, now! I don’t want to hear anymore gunshots coming from the game room.” Mrs. Mathews was serious, and as Tony passed her, bumping Brett on her way down. Brendon and I followed her out, with Brett close behind Brendon. We went down the stairs to the front door, painted a bright shade of yellow.

“Come on Hulk, lets ditch these losers,” said Tony, grabbing her skateboard from behind a garbage can.

“Well what am I supposed to ride? My skateboard is in a box somewhere in my house, which I probably should be unpacking right now.”

“We will go to your house then, I’ll help you unpack.”

“Alright Tony, if that’s what you want.” I said, careful not to piss her off.

I guess I was going to go unpack my shit.


I hated unpacking, almost as much as I hated packing. Every box that was labeled ‘Ronan’ was underneath some heavy box that must have contained bricks. Tony was no help whatsoever, and just succeeded in unpacking maybe two boxes, and throwing what she found around my room. She was sitting on her skateboard, wheeling back and forth, her head hanging down. The only sound was her skateboards wheels moving back and forth.

“This is boring. I’m bored. You’re boring me,” said Tony, not lifting her head to acknowledge me as I folded clothes away.

“Well, you said you wanted to help me unpack. Wasn’t my idea,” I said truthfully, throwing socks into the top drawer of the dresser.

“I know, but, humph, I didn’t know you were going to be so, so boring.”

“Well I’m sorry for boring you Stark.” I told her, getting annoyed with her attitude.

“Did you ever meet Julie?” said Tony with a random change of topic.

“I’m yah, I saw her yesterday after I left you. It was weird, I felt like I knew her, I don’t know.”

“It’s because you used to know her. Did you see a vision?” asked Tony, deadly serious.

How the hell did she know I had a vision? What the hell is going on here?

“Yah, I did.”

Tony stood up from her skateboard, walking close to me. She was the most serious right now in these few moments than all the time I have spent with her so far.

“That’s the funny thing, I did too. So did Josh. We think it was the last time the people we used to be saw her, you know, before she died. Josh says he saw her spinning around, laughing and joking with him when they were younger. I saw her sitting on a bed; we were in this room with flower wallpaper. I felt like I was trying to convince her of something. What did you see?”

“I saw her crying. We were so close, and I felt my heart breaking. I was excited and sad at the same time. I then felt like I was getting farther away from her, and then the vision shattered.”

“We have to find out more about her. This is just strange.”

“Where should we start then?” I asked

“We might as well start with the source,” Tony stated, her eyes sparking with enthusiasm.

“Let’s go find Julie”

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