Coming Back to Julie

Ronan does not believe in ghosts, but he does believe in tradegys. Especially his fathers. Ronan's mom died giving birth to his stillborn sister, and his dad has never been the same. No longer is his dad the "jolly ol' Monty" he used to be. In a wild chace to get away from it all, Ronan's dad Monty moves them to the middle of nowhere, with it's own tradegy to tell. And when fate crosses Julie and Ronan, the small town will never be the same. Because Ronan is just who Julie is waiting for.


4. Chapter 3

It might have been just me, but I did not see anyone with a spirit-y glow. Hell, I didn’t see anyone (except for Zack, and he counts as more of a zombie than anything else. Poor dude has been in the store forever). It was about five-thirty, the time the mysteries Julie would show up.

A part of me on the walk over really did not want to be able to see Julie. Who would want a dead girl casually walking around town? No thanks, I’m good. Then of course, Julie would have to be real, and I was almost positive ghosts aren’t real. Sure she had a tough life, doesn’t mean she becomes a ghost. Then if she was real, then I could see a ghost. That would mean in some form of life I knew her, and that scares the shit outta me. It would be amazing to see if that could happen.

Currently I was sitting on the bench outside sons’ waiting. I didn’t know what to expect. Was she just going to poof next to me, or will I be able to see her coming. I was so deep in thought I barely heard the voice.

“Hello there, may I sit next to you?” said a soft melody.

Looking up I saw the most beautiful girl. Her beautiful brown hair was in a neat short bun, a blue ribbon wrapped around the top. Her white dress with the red polka dots went a few inches passes her knees, suggesting the curves underneath. She wore a pair of dark blue shoes with a slight heal. She was pale, with a scattering of a few freckles across her nose. Her hazel colored eyes looked at me with curiosity.

“Um, uh, yah sure. Sure!” I stuttered. Her smile grew wide, her eyes glittering as she sat next to me. Everything about her seemed to glow faintly. She leaned against the bench, before she started to stare out across the road.

“You waiting for anybody?” she asked, turning her head slightly sidewise as if she was eagerly awaiting my reply, without taking her eyes off the road.

“I’ve heard about this girl called Julie who comes to the bench at sunset, I’m new here, wanted to see if I could see her.”

The girl giggled slightly, before turning her head to look at me.

“Well, I think you found her. I’m Julie, Julie Caputo,” said the girl, sticking her hand out to shake mine. I just sat there for a while, my body screaming at me to freaking to something. I had ignored everything I had learned. No wonder she flipping glowed! And the dress, the hair! How bloody ignorant could I be! Shake her hand you imbecile! Screamed my mind

“Ni-Nice to meet you. I-I’m Ronan.” I stuttered out. Why could I not get a simple sentence out without stuttering!

When our hands touched, the strangest thing happened. I saw Julie. She wore a different dress then the red polka dot one. It was brown with a pink flower pattern, and ended a few inches above the ankles. Her hair was on a bun to the side, without a ribbon. Her eyes were filled with love, longing, and tears. My heart broke slightly at the site of her. I had my arms wrapped around her, and she was clinging onto my shirt. Our faces were extremely close, close enough for me to lean down and kiss her. Then I felt like I was moving, driving away with a slight breeze in my hair.

Then the vision shattered, and a shocked Julie was staring at me. We were both breathing heavily, as if we ran a mile.

“What the hell was that?” I asked, my chest heaving slightly.

“I don’t know,” whispered Julie, her hazel eyes wide on her face

The sun was rapidly setting, and Julie and I were intently staring at each other. My phone buzzing in my pocket interrupted our stare down. We broke eye contact, as I silently cursed whoever is calling me.

“Hello?” I asked into the plastic device.

“Where are you Ronan?’ asked my dad on the other line. I cursed under my breath

“I am at sons,” I told him.

“And where is that?” he asked.

“Dad, why are you calling me?” I asked impatiently.

“We are having Ms. Lawrence over the house, along with a few of our close neighbors, including Mr. Martino and his wife, the cop I met over here whose name is Mr. Ansell, Mrs. Vitruvius, and her nephew Tyler. I think Tyler is your age.”

“How the hell are we supposed to entertain a crowd? The house isn’t even unpacked!” I said disbelief coating my words.

“We are having it outside, there is an umbrella extending out on to the terrace. It is from six to eight, just two hours. You have to be there Ronan; I’m not giving you an option.”

“Fine, is it fine if I bring someone over?” I asked. I was not going to sit through this is complete boredom.

“Yes” said my dad, his voice darkening. I guess he didn’t think I would actually have someone to bring.

Turning back to Julie, I could see she went back to staring back across the road, her eyes slightly unfocused.

“I have to go Julie. See you later I guess?”

She nodded, before whispering

“Of course Ronan, see you later.”

I nodded before heading back to my house to deal with this cookout.

Oh goody, socializing.


Tony was a ninja. There was no other way to explain how I suddenly had her number on my phone, as I don’t even remember putting it in there. When I did call her, I could barely hear over the sound of shouting.

“Tony! Come on, do you want to come to this cookout my dad is holding?”

“What?! Brett, get the hell off! Caleb I just washed that! Don’t encourage him Zayne! Come on, you’re here for only the weekend Zayne! You don’t have to destroy the damn house! Were the fuck is Damien? ‘Right here Tony! Don’t get your panties in a twist!’ Brendon, if you throw your football at my face again, I swear I’m gonna shove it so far up your ass you…”

“Tony! Do you want to come over or not?”

“Yes! Holy mother of lord I can’t believe I live here! It’s a fucking zoo!”

“Wherever you’re going I’m coming too!” Screamed a voice in the background

“Fuck no!” came Tony’s instant reply.

“They can come if you guys bring food to help the cookout,” I said, biting my tongue when a scream of ‘Yes!’ was shouted, followed by the sound of multiple feet stampeding to the kitchen.

“You have doomed me,” Tony moaned on the other line.

“Let me call my dad, make sure he knows I am bringing six people.”

Tony grunted in response, and I called my dad again.

This was going to be one interesting cookout.


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