Gwen is your average 16 year old girl. She has a part time job, a best friend that nobody could ever compare with. And she has three wonderful younger siblings. And her mother and father. But then, life starts to take a turn for the worst. More so than what she had ever thought was possible. Her mother leaves when her father is pronounced terminally ill with a brain tumour and then the weight of the world is on her shoulders. Her siblings are so you g that they can barely comprehend what is in fact going in in their lives and then her brother gets the worst of it. She's ready to burst.

**Claimer: This is the original work of the author. Do not plagiarize. You will be caught and then you will have to deal with the consequences. Thank you.**


1. Chapter One

She smiled as She walked in the front door from school. LeeAnne was right behind her, laughing along. Then She heard them. Her parents. They were talking in hushed tones behind the closet door. She opened it and smirked at them. 

     "Are you hiding again? Not very effectively now, are you?" 

     They smiled and said, "We were waiting for you, hunny. We have your 16th Birthday present here for you."

     She was shocked. Her birthday wasn't until next week. And they were giving her her birthday present now?! 

     They handed her a small wrapped box with a red ribbon now tied around it. She opened it slowly. And out fell a keyring with keys on it. And not just any keys, but CAR keys. 

     She started to cry. "THANK YOU!!!!" She said as she hugged them both, over joyed. 

     LeeAnne giggled and pulled out thee of the same sized boxes. "Well, they aren't exactly car keys, but I hope you like them!!" 

     She glared suspiciously at the three of them. "You all planned this, didn't you?"

     They smiled slyly and her father winked. She rolled her eyes, knowing that they'd never tell.  

     She opened the gifts that Lee had given me and looked at them. One was a ring. Just like the one she always wore on her left hand. It looked like the late British Princess Diana's ring. She had wanted one of these for years! She quietly slipped it onto her left finger, speechless. 

     The other one was a single, black glove that also matched the one that Lee always wore. She also put that on. But on her right hand. She then looked at her last present, intrigued. 

     It was a necklace. One of those magnetable ones. With a magnet in it with Japanese markings and the words: 'best friends' written under it. 

     She dropped the boxes after putting the necklace on. Taking three steps to her best friend, she wrapped her arms around her and  hugged her. She was touched. Completely shocked. And happy all at the same time. 

     "Thank you!" She whispered to her and finally let go. 

     LeeAnne giggled and said, "You're welcome, Hun!"

~One Week Later~ 

     "No! Jonathan!! I am NOT staying here to watch you die slowly! You and the kids can have a crappy assed existence! You're not my responsibility! You don't have any money anymore, nor a job. I've been here for sixteen years because you gave me money!! I mean, you couldn't possibly think that I was here FOR you and the snot-nosed annoying kids!!!!" 

     She heard her mother scream as she walked into the house on her real 16th Birthday. 

     Last night, her father had been diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer and he could no longer work due to it. And now, her mother was deserting them. 

     She pushed passed Gwen and slapped her on front of her Dad. 

     "Go to Hell, you brat." She snapped.  

     Taken aback, Gwen turned around and decked her in the face. She had broken her mother's skull and relished it. "I'll see you there then." Gwen spat at her. 

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