Gwen is your average 16 year old girl. She has a part time job, a best friend that nobody could ever compare with. And she has three wonderful younger siblings. And her mother and father. But then, life starts to take a turn for the worst. More so than what she had ever thought was possible. Her mother leaves when her father is pronounced terminally ill with a brain tumour and then the weight of the world is on her shoulders. Her siblings are so you g that they can barely comprehend what is in fact going in in their lives and then her brother gets the worst of it. She's ready to burst.

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5. Chapter Five

     "What's that, Gwen?" Maggie asked, pointing to the boxes that Gwen had put on the table in order to give it to them. 

     "A gift from Lee. She had one made for all of us. And I'm really happy that she did it. Now, Mariea, Maggie; these are yours'. Nick, this one is your's. Open them."

     The Twins shared looks of amazement as they opened their gifts. 

     Nick looked shocked as he opened up his. 

     "What are they for?" Mariea asked. 

     "Open them up and you'll see."

     They simultaneously opened up their lockets and the girls' eyes teared up. They all smiled and one by one they walked up to LeeAnne. 

     "Thank you." They each whispered as they hugged her. 

     Lee smiled and hugged them back. "You're welcome, kiddies."

     Gwen pulled her pocket out of her shirt and said, "Lets order and eat dinner then!"


     At the end of that night, Gwen wasn't anywhere near tired, she had to plan a funeral, do homework, set up a new work schedule for her second job, clean the whole house, and do laundry. 

     The kids, however were immensely tired, after a long day at school, crying all night and all day, and going out to dinner with LeeAnne. After tucking Nick and the Twins in bed, Gwen walked LeeAnne out and they waited for Jeff to come and pick her up.

     Jeff rolled into the driveway and got out with a rather large parcel in his arms. He went to Gwen, handing Lee the parcel, and hugged Gwen tightly. 

     "Mom and Dad say hi and send their love. And I send mine." Jeff said into her bushy hair. 

     "Thanks, Jeffie." She said back to him as they pulled apart. 

     "Sis, give me that. Gwen, this is from our parents. They want you to keep it. All of it."

     Gwen gave him a quizzical glance but took the parcel none the less.
     As she tried to open it, Jeff became antsy and said to his sister, "We better be getting home. Gwen, I'll see you tomorrow."

     "But don't you want to stay and see what they've given me?"

     "Uhhhhh... We can't. Bye!!"

     And they left, practically running away. Gwen was suspicious about their actions and soon, she found out why. 

     Sitting down in the front porch swing, she continued to open the package. Inside was a mediums jewellery box filled with 100 dollar bills and on top was a card. Putting the box down with a shocked expression on her face, she opened the card and out fell two tickets to a concert. 

     Ignoring the tickets, she was the card and it said: 
     'Dear Guinevere,
     You know how we think of you as our own daughter. We were planning on giving you two Super Junior tickets for your 18th birthday. We bought them. And they're in this card. 

     Now, the money on the other hand is meant to help you with everything that is going on in your life right now. To help with any expenses. And Amelia and I are telling you now for the umpteenth time that you are always welcome in or house. With your siblings. Always. We love you, deary!! Always. 

Love From, 
Mom and Dad Snare.'

     Gwen started to cry silently, she picked everything up, and locking the box, she walked inside, the tears of happiness, sadness, and pent up frustration flowing out of her body with every tear she cried. 

     She did her nightly chores and in the middle of her homework, she fell into a deep sleep. 

     The hole grew around her. The darkness swelled, she opened her mouth to scream. But the scream could not come. Instead, she was suffocating, the darkness filled her body with nothingness. When a white hand reached out to her, she reached for it, but couldn't. She was dying. 

      Then, there were hands around her neck, squeezing, pushing. Her wind pipe clasped and she felt blood pouring into her throat, drowning her. 

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