Only You

Brooke Cullen is your average 18 year old girl in her senior year of highschool wanting to make her last year the best. She's the popular nice girl that everyone loves till Harry Styles joins her class. She started being tormented by him and her perfect year goes down the drain.


12. Wedding

The room was completely trashed. Broken glass everywhere, chairs tipped over, and empty bottles everywhere. 
"What the hell happened in here?" I said.
I started to walk around everything and towards the bedroom. Harry was in there completely passed out. 
"What happened in here?" I asked him. 
He moaned and rolled over. I ripped the blankets off of him. 
"What happened!" I said again.
"We just had a party," he moaned again. 
"This is not a party, you trashed the room!" 
"That's my deffiniton of party," 
"Well it not mine," 
Then my mom and Kalel walked into the room and saw the again trashed bedroom. Harry put a pillow over head and moaned loudly.
"Go away!" He yelled. 
"We will not go away until you explain all of this!" 
I turned around and realized my mom said that. 
"Mom don't," I said to her. 
Harry got up, his hair all messed up, and his eyes barley open. He walked up to her. He's a lot taller than her btw. 
"What do you have to saw about it? You don't even know me!" Harry said talking down to her. 
I pushed him out of the way. 
"Harry! No matter how much I hate her right now you do not talk down to my mom!" I yelled in his face. 
He just ignored me and walked right out of the room. 
"I can't believe him," I said. 
I called the cleaning ladies and they came up to clean and we all had to leave. I decided to go to Niall's room. 

Niall's POV:
After dinner I just went back to my room and grabbed my guitar and stated to experimenting. While I was playing someone knocked on my door. 
"Come In!" I said. 
The door opened and Brooke walked in. 
"Brooke?" I said putting my guitar down and walking up to her. 
"Hey Niall," she said.
"What are you doing here?" I asked.
"Well Harry and The boys trashed the hotel room and I don't really want to be near him. He's being such a douche," 
"Awh I'm so sorry," 
"It's not your fault," she sighed loudly. 
She was so cute when she was sad. 
"I don't know what to do. I can't keep forgiving him. Should I still get married tomorrow?" She said looking right at me. 
This is the time. Confess my love to her. Say no. Say no. Say no. 
"You-" I got interrupted because someone knocked on the door. 
"Come In," my voice cracking from the tears coming. 
Of course it was Harry. 
"Brooke can I talk to you?" He asked. 
She got up and left me. I sighed and tears fell onto my guitar. 
Brooke's POV:
Harry actually cleaned up and looked decent. 
"Brooke I'm really sorry. I just drank way to much and something came over me. I will never to do that again. I'm so sorry, please forgive me,"  he begged.
It was ether yes I forgive you we get married and live happily ever after or no he leaves and I never see him again. 
"Okay. I forgive you. Just don't it again," 
"I won't!" He said happily. 
He kissed me and while we were kissing heard a huge thump. 

Niall's POV:
I was listening to their conversation and when she said she would forgive him I punched the wall and cried. 

Brooke's POV:
We walked back to the hotel room hand in hand. We entered and the room was perfectly clean and we walked to my room. On the way there I passed my moms room and she was on the phone with her new husband Daniel.
"I hate him Daniel. He clearly has a drinking problem, he's not responsible at all, he's not not good for Brooke. She deserves Better and I'm not allowing them to get married tomorrow," she said. 
We heard the whole thing. 
"So that's what you think?" I said. 
She turned around and hung up. 
"No! I'm getting married tomorrow wether you like it or not!"
"No your not Brooke! I am your mother and your will do what I say!" 
"You are not my mom! You are nothing to me! You are dirt under my feet!!" 
She was silent. I brought Harry to my room and I cried into his shirt. 
"Brooke why are you mad at her and not me? I rather you be mad at me because I had just as much sex with her as she did with me. Wait I don't think that's true," Harry said.
"Your not helping," I cried. 
"I'm sorry babe. Please don't me mad at her," 
"I am and I always will be!" 
He continued to hug me. 
The next day was the day. I got up really early and got my dress, makeup and hair all done perfectly. It would be a small wedding. Just me, Harry, Kalel and the boys. No one else! 
"Are you wanna do this?" Kalel said putting on my veil.
"Yes I'm sure," 
I was lying I wasn't sure. Ahhhhh!!!!
Then my mom busted in. 
"You can't get married today!" She said. 
"Tell me why not?" I said putting my hands on my hips. 
"Your too young! Your eighteen! You need to explore the world, do something fun before you settle down. Your family your sisters and stepdad aren't here," 
"I don't even know them! I couldn't care less! I didn't get invited to yours so your not coming to mine!  I'm getting married today, now leave!" 
She left upset and I went in front of the mirror to fix my hair.
"I'm getting married," I said to myself. 
When the wedding started I started to walk down the isle and seeing Harry In a suit standing there was just perfect. He looked so handsome and I was marrying that. I got up to him and I looked straight into his beautiful green eyes. I nearly cried, he was so gorgeous. He took my hands and I nearly died. The ceremony went on till the question if anyone objects.

Niall's POV: 
"Is there anyone who objects?"
Come on Niall say it. Just say I do! Come on Niall just say it! 1,2,3, Go!
Nothing was coming out of my mouth.
Then he moved on. I missed my chance, forever. I put my head and held in my tears. 

Brooke's POV:
We said our "I Do's" and it was just perfect. 
"And now Mr. And Mrs. Styles I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride,"
Harry leaned down and wrapped his arms around my waist and my arms around his neck and we kissed ever so passionately. A little tongue came in there too. The they clapped and Harry carried me down the isle. 

Niall's POV:
I missed my chance. There they go. Harry carrying her down the isle. 
"Wasn't that beautiful?" Liam said patting my back.
I sucked up my tears.
"Yeah, beautiful,"
Tears actually streamed down my face. 
"What's wrong?" Kalel asked me. 
"Oh nothing," 
"No really," 
"I'm In love with Brooke. I want her back. I never wanted her to marry Harry!" 
"Oh my god Niall. I'm so sorry!" She said giving me a hug. 
"It's fine," 
I walked out the door and back to the hotel room. 

Brooke's POV:
We were leaving for our honeymoon tomorrow and I was so excited to go to Mexico!
We all went to a really nice restaurant to have a nice dinner together. When my phone rang.
P-Hello is this Brooke Cullen?
B-Brooke Styles now. But yes. Who is this?
P- Hi this is a modeling agency for VOGUE MAGAZINE and we saw your headshot and would love you to be a model for the cover.
B-Oh My God! That's great! When do you need me to come in?
P-You need to come to LA tomorrow at 11. We will email you the details about where it is. 
Oh no my honeymoon! But the magazine!
B-Okay see you tomorrow. 
P-Perfect goodbye. 
End of call. 
Oh no. When should I tell Harry? I'm scarred. 
"I can't wait for our honeymoon tomorrow Brooke!" Harry told me.
"Haha yeah me too!" I lied. 
Oh god

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