Only You

Brooke Cullen is your average 18 year old girl in her senior year of highschool wanting to make her last year the best. She's the popular nice girl that everyone loves till Harry Styles joins her class. She started being tormented by him and her perfect year goes down the drain.


5. Tryouts

I was left there starring at him watching him walk away. 
"Brooke! Cheer leading tryouts!" Kalel cheered while grabbed my arm. 
"Fine lets tryout this year," I sighed. 
"Yay!! Lets go!" She jumped while pulling me. 
I wanted to Try out I was still sad from Harry and Niall. 
I changed into my gym clothes and we went to tryouts. Of course Melanie was cheer captain. I was never gonna make the team now. 
"Alright guys line up!" Melanie called out.
"Brooke in the back!"
She assumed I had to talent at all, but she's gonna me surprised. 
"Okay girls lets see your straddle jump down the line.  Go!" 
Everyone's was okay but when I jumped mine was perfect in a straight line.
Melanie was really surprised. 
We did cheering and then tricks. 
I did a round off back handspring, back tuck, twist and landed it perfectly! Then I did my side and front Ariel. 
Later that we found out who made the team and me and Kalel both made it! I was so happy!! After school we had practice with the football team so we could meet each other since we be seeing each other a lot. I walked in and I saw Harry in there and I stopped at door. He saw me and moved to the other side of the gym. I walked in and Melanie started talking with the captain of the football team Justin.
"Okay everyone! We will pair a cheerleader with a football player because you will always go to when we do something for homecoming or if you need anything. They will be your best friend blah blah blah. Okay so here we go. 
Zayn your with Perrie
Louis your with Eleanor 
Liam your with Kalel
Harry your with Brooke..," 
My heart sank. 
I looked over at Harry thinking he wouldn't care, I was wrong. 
His face was so mad.
"Okay now lets partner up," 
I walked over to him awkwardly.
"Hi," I said awkwardly.
He ignored me and then pushed my head to my ground forward. I hit my forehead on the ground at it hurt so badly. 
"Why did you do that?" I asked getting up.
"Don't act dumb you slut," he said with a straight face to me.
I frowned and looked at the ground. 
"Okay guys so were gonna try just trusting your partner. So just hug," 
I looked at Harry and walked closer and he pushed me away. I kicked him in the balls and he punched me in my boob. I slapped him in the face so he pulled my hair. 
"Harry! Brooke! Enough!" Justin yelled us. 
We finally hugged and he smelt so good I never wanted to let go. 
But he pushed me away too fast.
"There! I bet you enjoyed that huh Brooke?" 
I just looked sadly at him. 
"Now were gonna try lifts. We're gonna do this certain lift to start out. (The one shown above)
This is very dangerous. You can not fool around. Someone could seriously hurt. Okay here's how you do it," 
They showed us and it really was very dangerous.
"When you are in the air you have to look at your partner and make eye contact. It's easier and you will trust each other more," 
"Ugh," I heard Harry say.
He lifted me and we actually did the lift before he threw be down on the mat. 
"You suck!" He yelled at me before leaving the gym and I left crying. Why can't he understand I love him. I didn't mean to! 
I follows Harry down the hall. 
"Harry I'm sorry! Please love you!" 
"You what?" He turned around fast.
It startled me a bit.
"Did you say you love me?" He asked angry.
"Yes," I said quietly. 
"Okay. So first I say love you and you don't get a fuck.  Then I stop and you all of a sudden love me! Well guess what? I don't give one single ounce of a fuck!" He yelled at me.
I started crying because he was yelling at me.
"What? Is little baby gonna cry? Little skinny bitch gonna cry?" He taunted me.
"Stop!" I screamed. 
He laughed at me. 
"I'm sorry! How many times do I have to say it?!" 
"One billion million times!" 
"Please forgive me. I'm sorry!" 
"Fine," he said under his breath. 
"I'm sor- wait what? You forgive me?" I said wiping away tears. 
"Yeah I do! I'm just tired of you annoying me! Now get away!"
I left him and we both went back to practice. The next Saturday was the first football game and we did our routine perfectly. I was terrified he would just drop me to embarrass me but he didn't thank god. When he put me down the whole audience clapped and he looked straight into my eyes. He started to lean in and I thought he was gonna kiss me. I started to close my eyes and he quickly pulled away. I frowned a little bit and after it was all Over I grabbed my bag and started to walk to my car. I put my bag and I heard a voice around me.
"Hi again," 
I shut my car door and turned around. 
"Harry?" I asked.
"I just want to apologize seriously this time,"
"I should apologize. It's my fault,"
He started walking towards me slowly.
"I forgive you," 
I smiled as I leaned against the hood Of the car. 
The black marks on in face and the messy was of his hair totally turned me on. 
He put his hands on my hips.
"Your hands are on my hips," I said.
He nodded as he leaned in to kiss me.
It started to get more intense by the second. His hands started to cup my face and he lifted me up on the car. We started to French kiss passionately and I laid back while he laid on top of me. I wrapped my legs around him while he slowly went up and down on my body.  
Finally Harry was mine

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