Only You

Brooke Cullen is your average 18 year old girl in her senior year of highschool wanting to make her last year the best. She's the popular nice girl that everyone loves till Harry Styles joins her class. She started being tormented by him and her perfect year goes down the drain.


14. The Truth

PS. Brooke and Harry are taking online school till they go back. 

"This isn't true Kalel," I denied. 
"I have more proof," she showing me a video  of him talking to a girl and hugging her afterwards. 
" no no no," I kept denying it. 
"I know this is hard to comprehend his Brooke, but just  have a calm talk with him. I'll give you this info to show to him," 
She put it into my hand while slowly tears went down my face. 
She left and I went to sit on the couch calmly.  I Finally lost it. I went to our bedroom and grabbed all of Harry's clothes and threw them In the front hallway by the front door.
Then Harry arrived.
"Brooke! What are you doing?!" He yelled at me. 
I ignored him and kept throwing clothes. On my trip back he grabbed my arm.
"What are you doing?!" He yelled at my face. 
"Let go of me!" I said shaking my arm. 
"Why are you doing this?!" 
I threw the pictures at his face and he let to of my arm. 
"Is that true?!" 
Yes. Or. No!" He doesn’t answer you, just looks down. I swallowed the sob that almost came, as the tears spill over the rims. I sighed and wiped away the tears. 
"Brooke Wait!" He yells after me but I slammed the door in his face, locking it. I  quickly grabbed a duffle bag and packed as much clothes as I  can. 
Zipping the bag, you unlock the door and are welcomed by a teary eyed Harry. He opens his mouth to say something but I hit  him.
"Don’t you even think about be sad. You did this. I’m the one who is sad. You deserve to be in pain. Not me. But I am, because I love you. And you ruined that. You chose to. So you can’t be sad that I’m leaving, because if you were then you wouldn’t have cheated on me." I said before shoving past him and running out the front door, grabbing my  car keys on the way. 
I  put the keys in the ignition turning them roughly and driving away from the hotel. From Harry. From the love of my life. I called Kalel and drove to her hotel and stayed there. Niall was there too because he was my friend too. 
"I-I Don’t understand. Was I n-not good enough?" I stuttered out through tears. Kalel stroked my hair and helped me over to the couch, I heard Niall  on the phone.
"There’s nothing I can do…… I know Harry…. You did this…. Alright I’m sorry…. I’ll talk to her, but I don’t know if she’ll listen….. Alright…. ok, bye." He hung up and came out to see Kalel  comforting me. 
" Brooke, Harry’s…"
"Please Niall. I just need some time right now. I just want to forget. Eat junk food till I can’t see my feet." You say tears still streaming down my face.
How about we have a girls night? Brownie’s, Ice cream… We’ll talk about anything you want. Come on I’ll give you something comfy to wear." Kalel  said  taking my  hand and leading me to her room. 
She gave me a pair of sweat pants and a tank top then showed me to the guest bed room. I  quickly changed, tying my  hair up into a messy bun.
I  walked out of the bedroom, and into the living room to see Harry, Niall and Kalel  all standing there awkwardly. Harry’s eyes were red, and his hair was all messed up.
"What are you doing here?" I  asked tears rising up again.
"Brooke, Baby, please. I’m so sorry please let me explain." I sighed and nod. 
He took me into the guest room and sat me down. 
"It was a drunken mistake. LA took over me and I kept loosing track of time and coming home way too late. LA is the best city ever and I just wanted to party. Please forgive me," 
"Oh don’t worry Harry. I do believe you. It doesn’t make me want to forgive you still. When you’re drunk you do things you’re too frightened to do sober. So technically, you wanted to do it. But you were too scared to because you knew I would find out sooner or later."
"No, Brooke I swear, I would never cheat on you. I’m so sorry. Baby please. I love you too much to lose you. Brooke please." He pleads, your heart melts as you hear the sincerity in his voice. 
"Remember when we went to the club and had so much fun?" Harry reminded me. 
"Yeah I know I know. Harry I-I just. I've had a busy couple of days and I've been thinking I don't really have time for a relationship," 
"But were married Brooke! Just married. What about our honeymoon?" 
I was in deep deep thought. What should I do?! Oh My Fucking God. 
He looked so gorgeous.
"Harry this was a last minute wedding and we obviously weren't ready. How about we take a little break. I would really want to focus on my career not on relationships. We can still be friends, just not husband and wife. At least not yet," 
"Brooke. I understand. Friends," 
"Yeah. So how about I just hang with Kalel and you can have the room," 
"Alright goodbye. Ill call the divorce attorney,"
I gave him a long tight hug and he left. 

Niall's POV:
My ear was against the door the entire time and when they broke up I literally jumped for joy. 
Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!! 
Once Harry left the room I wanted to comfort Brooke. Harry was in tears crying. He could barley walk. I felt so bad. 
I walked in and shut the door. 
"I'm so sorry Brooke," I said hugging her. 
"It's not your fault. It's just time for a career and not marriage. I'm young I'm not even 19 yet," 
"Yeah it's true. Sometimes it's better," 
"I think this was a sign, she said looking right at me. 
My heart was pounding so hard I felt like I was gonna die. 
Slowly we both started to lean in and shutting our eyes. 
All of a sudden my lips were on hers. This was perfect. 
We parted and she was shaking a little bit. 
"Now. Niall now," she said she threw herself on me and we started making out. 
I can't believe this is happening

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