Only You

Brooke Cullen is your average 18 year old girl in her senior year of highschool wanting to make her last year the best. She's the popular nice girl that everyone loves till Harry Styles joins her class. She started being tormented by him and her perfect year goes down the drain.


20. No no no no

"Darcy Christina Styles" I barley breathed. 
Harry kissed my head and I slowly felt myself slipping out of conscienceless. 
I woke up back home in the apartment with Harry holding the baby. I woke up depressed, I killed Niall and my life was a mess. I just got out of high school with a baby and I wanted to travel the world. But I can't. I didn't tell Harry I was depressed because he would try to make me fell better, I didn't want that. I loved Darcy no doubt, she was my everything. When we had the baby Harry stopped being romantic. I stopped to. I felt like a middle aged mom on her 4th kid. Run down and depressed. I started to over dose on pain meds and Harry would have to urgency call the ambulance and I would be gone for. Night. 
This happened once every week. Harry tried to help but we just got in fights. I loved him a lot. I loved these people but I had no energy to do so. Soon enough Darcy was in kindergarten and 5 years old. We were 23. Still depressed but I have been showing more affection towards Harry. 

Harry's POV:
Brooke was my everything. If anything happened to her I would die. I loved her with all my heart and soul. I knew something was up. She stopped over dosing and things started to get better. 

One Cold September night around 12:00 me and Harry were just laying In bed. I felt his hand go towards my hand. He intertwined his fingers with mine and kisses my head. This wasn't usual. 
"Something doesn't feel right Brookie," he said to me. 
"What?" I asked. 
"I don't know. I just want you to know that I love you so much and if anything happened to you I would die on the inside and out. You are my everything and I don't know what I would do without you," 
I started crying. 
"You haven't said that in 5 years Harry," I cried.
"I will say it everyday. I promise," he gave me a long kiss on the lips and fell asleep. Around 3am I heard a loud bang. 
"Harry!" I whispered to wake him up. 
He woke up.
"What's wrong?!" He asked. 
"I- I heard a loud noise," I was shaking.
I was terrified. 
Our door swung open and I guy with a guy was standing there pointing it at us. 
I screamed as loud as a could. 
"GET UP!" He yelled at us. 
Harry and I were still holding hands but he slowly let go. I was crying. 
"HANDS UP!" He yelled. 
I put my hands up bawling. 
"What do you want?!" Harry questioned. 
He turned the gun at him and got Harry's hand. 
"HARRY!" I screamed. 
"SHUT UP DONT MOVE!" He yelled at me. 
Darcy appeared in the doorway. 
"Mommy what's wrong?" She asked. 
"Darcy go to bed!" I ordered. 
He pointed the gun at her.
"Brooke please!" Harry said. 
"Darcy, I want to say mommy Lov-" 

Harry's POV:
In the middle of Brooke's sentence she was shot.  Not in the hand, but in the head. Straight in the forehead. 
Darcy saw her mother die before she got to say I love one last time. 
"NO!!!!!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. 
The guy ran out of our house after that. 
"NO NO NO NO NO!!!!" I screamed crawling towards her. I took her face in my bloody hands. 
"Brooke please wake up. Baby please! Baby please!! Please no!" I kept saying. 
I started bawling. I called the ambulance and they came within 5 minutes. 
While they took Brooke away I was bawling and bawling. 
"Brookie," I whimpered. 
"I miss you............."

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