Only You

Brooke Cullen is your average 18 year old girl in her senior year of highschool wanting to make her last year the best. She's the popular nice girl that everyone loves till Harry Styles joins her class. She started being tormented by him and her perfect year goes down the drain.


2. Maybe

Hi I'm Niall," he said.
"Yeah I know. I'm Brooke," 
"That's a pretty name," 
I started blushing like crazy. 
"Here let me help you up," I said while lifting him up. 
"Ow.... Ow," he said in pain. 
"Let get you an ice pack," I said. 
I led him to the nurses office and then we went to lunch together. 
"So how've ya been?" He asked me while we sat down. 
"Good until he came into my life,"  I said.
"I could tell. You seem like a happy person," 
"I naturally am! But I have zero tolerance for bullshit like that," 
He chuckled and I smiled. 
The rest of the day went fine I didn't see Harry at all because I went to my locker early so I wouldn't see him. I grabbed my purse and I couldn't find my keys. I searched everywhere. 
"Looking for these?" I heard a voice say. 
I looked up and it was no other than Harry. 
"Give them back," I said walking towards him. 
He shook his head. I quickly tried to grab them but he put them in his pants. 
"If you want them go get them," he said with a smirk.
"I'm not going to get them," 
"Suit yourself. I have to go home anyway. Unless I drive you to your house and I come with,"
"Fine lets go,"
I drove him my house and since my parents are divorced it was just my mom.
"I'm home!" I shouted when we walked in.
"Nice place," he commented.
"Thanks," I said while rolling my eyes. 
It was a big house, nice big rooms and a lot of them too. Very fancy. 
My mom came to greet me.
"Hi Brooke. Oh who's this?" She asked coming out of the kitchen. 
"This is-" Harry cut me off.
"I'm Harry Styles friend of Brooke," he said while shaking her hand.
"Yeah friend," I said again rolling my eyes. 
"Why aren't you a handsome boy," my mom commented. 
"Oh thanks," he said.
Then my no left the room.
"Okay you came to my house, you met my mom now what?" 
"Your moms so hot," 
"Leave now," I commanded.
"Now. Leave! Get out of my house!" 
I literally kicked him out and went upstairs to my room and went into my bathroom and took a shower to get the germs off of me from Harry. While I was in the shower I was thinking. I mean Harry's hot no kidding, but he's just so mean, to me! That doesn't mean I like him, he's just hot.  But now I'm attracted to Niall. He's just so nice and he gets me. Harry doesn't even like me, the only thing he would possibly do is bang me, that doesn't count though. I just don't know. I turned off the water and wrapped a towel around myself. I walked out to my big window to look at the sunset. I was drying my hair with another towel while I was doing this. 
I started to take off my towel starting to change when I heard a whistle. Harry was below watching me. I gasped and wrapped the towel around me again. I opened the window angrily.
He ran away laughing in joy. 
I was so pissed off.  He sent me a text message that night saying
"If you tell your mom about this I will make your life TERRIBLE at school and make this year the worst year ever"
I wasn't taking any chances.
The next day in the morning I was walking downstairs to breakfast and my mom was in there making breakfast with Harry.
"What the hell are you doing in my house?" I said.
"Brooke! Don't say that! He came over to come to school with you and he actually wants to help me make breakfast," my mom said insisting he was a good child. 
My mom gave me my cinnamon roll and we left. 
"What the hell?" I said while starting the car.
"What I'm just helping," he said acting sweet.
"Shut up. Your just trying to hit on my mom,"
"I would never. For 40 she's in pretty good shape," 
"Get out of my car. You can walk to school," 
"No. I'm not moving," 
I grabbed my pocket knife and put it up to his throat, not trying to be threatening.
"Okay Styles. Get out or a lot of blood will come out,"
"Well played Cullen. Well played," 
I gave him a smirk and he left my car and I went to school. When I got to my locker Kalel and Niall were there waiting for me.
"Hey guys, what's up?" I asked.
"Hey Girl Hey!" Kalel said.
"Hi Brooke," Niall said nervously. 
I started putting books in my locker and Harry was no where to be seen. Today might actually be good. 
Niall tapped me on the shoulder so I turned around. 
"Hey Brooke I was just wondering if maybe you wanna see a movie with me sometime?" 
"Oh I- " Harry just appeared and cut me off.
"Back off Irish boy. She's mine," Harry said while pushing Niall. 
Harry said I'm his? It made me blush a little but he's just hot. No dating. 
"She's not yours!"
Harry started getting mad and he threw a punch at Niall but he caught his arm and punched Harry in the face. Nothing is hotter than a guy with a black eye. I'm sorry it's my opinion. Harry fell to the floor with his hand over his eye. He moved his hand and it started bleeding but he kept fighting. Harry got a punch to him in the chest pretty hard but then a teacher came to break it up. 
"Oh My God," I said to Kalel.
"No one ever fights over me," she sighed.
I chuckled a little bit. 
"The only time that happens is if I have the last cupcake and both of my little brothers want it," 
I actually bursted out laughing.
"It's okay girl," I hugged her. 
Harry didn't bother anyone that entire day, he only talked to his guy fiends and made out with Melanie. She found it a big turn on for her when she saw his black eye. 
When I got home Harry was there and my mom was caring for his eye. 
"Brooke! Did you his black eye?" My mom asked. 
"Yes mum I was there when it happened," I said grabbing a bag of chips. 
"Are you sure you want to eat those?" Harry asked.
My mom took it as a joke. I flicked him off and went upstairs. 
"Brooke! Enough of that!" 
Harry was always with my mom. It was uncomfortable.
I went straight to my computer. I did that until it was around midnight. I went straight through dinner. 
"Mom?! Where's dinner?!" I shouted while walking down stairs. I went to the kitchen and she wasn't there. 
"Mom?!"I called out. 
I decided to go to her room and check and when I opened the door her and Harry were in the bed having sex.

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