Only You

Brooke Cullen is your average 18 year old girl in her senior year of highschool wanting to make her last year the best. She's the popular nice girl that everyone loves till Harry Styles joins her class. She started being tormented by him and her perfect year goes down the drain.


11. Las Vegas

"Oh my god!" I said running to his help. 
"What is going on?!" I yelled. 
"Harry's trying to beat me up for talking to you," 
"Harry! What the hell! Lets go!" I bent down and pulled him out of there to my car. 
"What were you doing?!" I yelled at him.
"I was just trying to protect you," he said rubbing his swollen cheek. 
"From what? They all know I was dating you and are nice enough people to not do that stuff!" 
"Okay okay! I'm sorry. Let me make it up to you," 
"You can come over today," I said smiling. 
"Okay. That would be nice," 
We got into the car and when I drove to Kalels a note was on the door. It told me to go to my old house because she was there. 
We drove there and it was a lie she wasn't. I opened the door with Harry and my mom, some guy, and two girls were there. 
"What the hell is this?" I said pissed off. 
"Well I got married and I wanted you to meet your new sisters. Emily which is 20 and Courtney who is 21,"
"You got fucking married?! And you didn't invite me?!" 
"Brooke calm down," Harry whispered in my ear.
I ignored him.
"I-I" my mom shuddered. 
"Yeah your not getting invited to ours then!!" I said grabbing Harry's hand and running upstairs to my old room. 
"I hate her!" I yelled. 
"Don't hate sweetie," Harry said hugging me. 
"We're you serious about the wedding?" He asked. 
"Uhh. I guess. I mean we could elope in Vegas?" 
"Really?! Oh my god that would be perfect!" He said hugging me again. 
Wait what?! What did I say?! I'm getting married? To Harry Styles?
"I'm going to buy a ring, get tickets, and tell the boys!" He said running out.
"Harry wait!"
He left before I could say anything. I laid down on my bed and texted Kalel about all of this. She thought I was crazy but she was my maid of honor so she had to go. I didn't tell anyone else. Especially not my mom, her new "husband" and my step sisters. 
Later that day I was still home and Harry came running up the stairs to me. 
"Brooke! Brooke Cullen. Will you Marry me?" He said out of breath and down on one knee. 
Once I saw that I knew I was doing the right thing. 
"Of course," I said. 
He stood up and put the ring on my finger and he bent down to kiss me. I loved him so much and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. The next day we were on a plane to Vegas. Us, Kalel, and the guys. I invited Niall because he was my friend I think I should. When we landed we stayed at the Palm. It was the nicest hotel ever!!! The presidential suite. Oh my god, gorgeous! That night the guys went out to have a bachelor party, while me and Kalel just went shopping for our bachelorette party. 
"Are you sure your thinking this through girl?" Kalel asked me while she picked up some shoes she liked. 
"Yeah totally I love him and he loves me," I said looking a new heels.
"Well don't get mad but I invited only your mom,"
"Wait what?! Why the hell would you do that?! Ugh!"
"I'm sorry I mean if my daughter was getting married I would die to be there," 
"Well Id rather she die than be here,"
"Brooke! You don't mean that!" 
"Yeah I do. She's dead to me," 
Meanwhile the guys were just at a bar to start out. 
Harry's POV:
"So what are we doing tonight guys?" I said sipping my beer.
"Well first lets get hammered!" Zayn said.
"Another round!" 
"Then we go to a strip club," Louis said.
"Awesome!" I said happily getting drunk.
"But guys remember we have that important dinner tonight. You know us and Kalel and Brooke. We're having dinner tonight at 7:30 with the judge convincing him so you guys can get married tomorrow without a license?" Niall said acting wimpy as usual. 
"Come on bro! We'll we fine!" I said shoving another drink in his face.
We started getting drunk really fast. 
"Alright guys lets go to the strip club!" Liam said guiding us out. 
It was 3:30. 
Once we entered I felt like hell on wheels. 
"Woooo!!!" I shouted with my arm up. 
"Well it's time for the man to get a lap dance," Louis said summoning over a stripper. 
I'm pretty sure I got about 30 dances and got even more drunk. 
"Guys it's 7 o clock! We need to get back!" Niall said. 
He wasn't even drunk at all. 
"Fine," I said.
We all headed back to the hotel drunk as ever. I was in a room with Kalel and Brooke. I was extremely lucky. 
"There you are!" Brooke said walking towards Me.
"Here I am baby!" I said opening my arms to her. 
"You smell like alcohol. Now get showered and lets go. This is important," 
"As you wish," 
She walked down the hall in the room to the bathroom and Zayn came in. 
"Hey Zayn," I said.
"Don't hey Zayn me. Your in a room with my girl!" 
"Kalel! She's mine!"
"Dude. She doesn't even know you exist!"
That set him off cause he grabbed my neck and put me into a neck lock and we started wrestling. 
Kalel came walking down the hall.
"Brooke! Oh my god guys break it up!" She yelled.
We ignored her and kept fighting. 
Brooke came running down the hall. 
"Harry! Break it up!" She said ripping us away. 
"I hate you! Your ruining this!" She yelled at me.
"Brookie I'm sorry!" 
"Don't sorry me! Just don't come to dinner! I'll handle this by myself!" 
She just leaving. The girls left and we stayed in the room. 
Brooke's POV:
"Ugh! I hate them!" I said walking in the elevator. 
"That makes two of us," Kalel said pressing the lobby button. When we got down there my mom was waiting there. 
"Can I help you Kelly?" I addressed to my mom. 
"Let me come to dinner with you. It's your wedding I want to be apart of it,"
"I didn't get invited to yours, you're  not coming to mine," I said walking away. 
"Please Brooke," she begged.
I sighed. 
"Ugh. Fine lets go," I said.
She came with us and at dinner it was me Kalel, my mom, Niall and of course the judge and his lawyers. 
While we were enjoying a nice dinner we discussed everything happening. 
"Where is your partner Harry Styles?" He asked.
"Oh he's not feeling well," I lied.
I don't want to lie to a federal source! 
"At least this nice gentleman is here," he said to Niall. 
He blushed and I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back winking. 
Everything went well and all together me and Harry are getting married tomorrow. 
Me, my mom and Kalel went back upstairs to talk all of this drama out. When I opened the door I couldn't believe what I saw. I was mortified. 

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