Only You

Brooke Cullen is your average 18 year old girl in her senior year of highschool wanting to make her last year the best. She's the popular nice girl that everyone loves till Harry Styles joins her class. She started being tormented by him and her perfect year goes down the drain.


10. Hangover

I woke up the next day on Tuesday with a MASSIVE headache. 
"Ugh!" I moaned when I woke up. 
Harry was on the floor with a pillow over his head. 
It was noon and school had started and it was lunch time. I had 20 text messages and 15 missed calls from Kalel. This was the worst feeling in the world.  I felt like someone was stabbing me in the head. I decided to call Kalel.
K-Brooke! Where the hell are you?! We have tons of tests! 
B-Ow! Kalel! Don't yell it hurts. I'm at Harry's.
K-Harry Styles?
B-No Harry Potter. Yes Styles. 
K- Are you coming to school?
B-Hell no! I have a huge hangover and I feel terrible. 
K-ugh Brooke your ruining your life! 
Then she hung up. 
"Who was that?" Harry moaned. 
"Kalel. She wants me to come to school," I said rolling off the couch onto him. 
"Ugh!" He moaned. 
We both fell asleep like that and woke up around 8pm. 
When I woke up Harry was up walking around in skinny jeans and shirtless. 
"Your finally up Brooke," he said getting a pop out of the fridge.
"I drank way too much last night!" I said actually getting up. 
"The school keeps sending me phone calls about me missing!" He said coming to stand by me. 
"Ugh. My moms getting mine. But I'm not talking to her ever again so it doesn't matter," I said drinking his drink. 
"You know what we should do?" He said with a smile.
"We should vandalize the school with spray paint," 
I almost chocked on the drink.
"What? We could get arrested for this!" 
"Yeah I know but don't you hate them?" 
"Yeah but come on Harry. And where are the boys?" 
"I don't know," 
Reality hit me.
"Where are your guys parents?" I asked.
"They kicked us out," 
"Then how do you afford for all of this?" 
"They still pay for all of this,"
"Why? I sure as hell wouldn't,"
"Brooke what's wrong? You were fine a minute ago?"
I took a couple of deep breaths. Is this what I wanted to do? Risk my life, my career, my friendships. 
"Where do you want to be in five years?" I asked him. 
"I don't know. Same thing I'm doing now," 
"That's nothing! Tell me," 
"Ugh fine. I want to be a lawyer," 
"A lawyer? You can't with the grades your getting!"
"Who cares about grades?"
"You do. I know you do," 
"Well if you think I care you have the wrong idea girlfriend," he said walking away. 
"Fine lets go," I said.
I knew I was doing the wrong thing but sometimes you have to do the right thing.
"Really?!" He said happily.
"If we go to school tomorrow and you get good grades,"
I gave him a kiss and we left. It was pretty dark out when we arrived and 
We were all dressed in black. 
My heart was racing. 
"Ready?" Harry said shaking up the paint.
He was right about to spray on the wall when we heard police sirens. 
"How the hell did they find us?!" Harry yelled.
He took my hand and we ran down the streets and finally back home out of breath.
"Oh my god Harry!" I said breathing heavily. 
"That was so fun!" He said excitedly.
"What? No! Harry I'm going home and you better be at school tomorrow or were done!" I said slamming the door. 
This wasn't fun! Running from the cops every night? No. 
I got home and Kalel was already sleeping and I went straight to bed. I got to school and Harry wasn't there. I was done with him. All the teachers and gave me SO MUCH WORK! 
Right before first period Harry came. Well escorted by the police. 
"What the hell Harry?!" 
"I'm here aren't I?" 
"Yeah you are," 
I left and went to Bio. I was talking to all my guy friends instead of Harry. For no reason I just wanted to catch up. Most of them had girlfriends anyway. Harry seemed really jealous even though he didn't tell anyone, I could tell.  All day people seemed really scared to be around me when Harry was around. I didn't know why. For example before lunch at my locker my guy friend and his girlfriend walked up to me. 
"Hey Brooke do you wanna have lunch with us Today," he asked.
Then Harry walked up to me. 
"I- I- I mean if that's okay w-w with you Harry?" She trembled. He seemed terrified. 
I don't know what was up. Kalel told me he was beating up guys for flirting with me! I didn't believe it. Well until I was looking for Harry at the end of the day. I found him and some guy fighting behind of the school. 
"Harry?!" I screamed. 
He turned his head to me and the other guy punched him in the face. 
I gasped in terror. What the hell was going on?!

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