Only You

Brooke Cullen is your average 18 year old girl in her senior year of highschool wanting to make her last year the best. She's the popular nice girl that everyone loves till Harry Styles joins her class. She started being tormented by him and her perfect year goes down the drain.


16. Finally

I just decided to walk up to him an ask. 
"Niall what's up?" I said grabbing his arm. 
"Brooke go away please!" He said.
"Oh, well Im sorry you feel this way," I said sadly.
"Brooke please!" He said looking behind me terrified. 
He ran from me and I couldn't figure out why. 
"Hey Brooke," Harry said from behind me. 
I jumped a little being scared. 
"Hi Harry," 
"Do you wanna have lunch with me today?" 
"Uh I'm sorry I'm already having lunch with my other friends," 
"Oh okay,"
I was totally over Harry. No feelings what so ever.
He walked away from me towards the same way Niall went. 
During lunch Niall wasn't there, he wasn't anywhere to be found. We had the same lunch period he should be here. I don't know.
At the end of the day I saw Niall again but he had a black eye. 
"Niall what happened?" I asked very concerned.
"Brooke please! I can't be around you right now. Go away!" 
I frowned at him and stomped away to my car. I was super exhausted. I moved back in with my mom and with my new family. 
I was in my room on my bed on tumblr when my sister Emily walked in the door with her boyfriend.
"Hey sis," she said. 
I ignored her. 
I ignored her. 
"Brooke this is very rude. Since we're going to be sisters I really want you to get to know me. So I want you to meet my boyfriend Harry," 
I looked up and she was standing there with Harry hand in hand.  
Then they started walking out in front of me. 
"Go away Emily!" I shouted. 
They started making out on my floor.
"Ugh!" I said running out of my room. 
I ran downstairs and a wedding was going on. Harry and Emily.
I was mortified. 
I quickly shook myself and I woke up. 
"Oh thank god that was a dream," I said. 
Did that mean anything. Was I over Harry? 
The next day I went to school and I went to the bathroom and I heard a pounding noise from the boys bathroom. I heard Harry talking in there. I decided to be very stupid and go in. Harry was on top of Niall slapping and punching him. 
"Harry!!" I shouted. 
He turned around to be his eyes wide and mouth open. 
"Niall! Are you okay?!" I said helping him up. 
He moaned from the pain. 
"What is going on in here?!" 
"Every time I would say anything to you Harry would hurt me," Niall said.
"What? Why?!" I said. 
"Because I still love you," Harry said.
"This is not gonna be like one of those love stories where I magically forgive you because you said that and realize I still love you. No! Niall is seriously hurt and you are just cruel and mean! I don't love you! And where are these divorce lawyers. I don't want to be a fucking Styles anymore!" 
I took Niall's hand and brought him to the nurses office. 
Was I mean? Yes. 
Was I correct. Yes. 
"This is plain cruel," I said helping Niall with his ice pack. 
"It's okay I'm sorry I kept ignoring you I was just scarred," 
"It's not you're fault I would be too," 
He smiled at me and I smiled back. I leaned him to give him a little kiss. 
"I love you Niall," I said to him. 
"I love you too," 
I hugged knowing I was over Harry. 
We went back to class and we kept dating. While I was dating Niall I wasn't even friends with Harry. I haven't talked to him since court when we made our divorce official. Still then I didn't talk to him so the real last time was in the bathroom. Me and Niall were going strong. No fights, just love. I was so happy with him. I realized once Harry left my life every single ounce of stress went away. I made up with my mom, me and my sisters were as close as ever, me and my new dad were best friends, and they loved Niall. Me and Niall were dating for about 3 months when it was December 31st. Kalel invited all our friends which was a lot to her house for a nice beginning to 2013. I was planning for Niall to be my midnight kiss for the first time. Everyone was having a great time it was so nice to see. Nobody was really drunk but everyone was drinking I think, I defiantly was. I was pretty sure I was the only one that was drunk. I had a little drinking problem. 
"Brooke. I'm so sorry I have to leave. My mom really really needs me.
I'm sorry," Niall said. 
I was so sad. He had to leave. I went outside and watched him leave and after he left I continued to stay out there. I was so depressed. I know it was just one night but it was important to me. 
"Are you okay?" A voice asked.
It was Harry. 
"What's it to ya," I said. The first words I've said to him. 
"I know it's sad to see Niall leave," he said whispering in my ear from behind.
"Harry I am very responsible. I will not all of a sudden want you back like what happens in movies and books,"
"Oh I know. That's why I'm just going to be myself," 
He knew Exactly what turned me on.
He started to whisper dirty things he wanted to do me. I kept ignoring him. 
While he did that his hands slowly went down my body. I was trying my best not to act like I was being turned on. 
"Babe, I know your extremely turned on right now," he whispered. 
"All you have to do is come inside with me," 
I walked inside with no intention of kissing or even talking to Harry.
I  barely had time to drop my  purse before I was slammed against the door, Harry’s lips immediately searching for mine. He pushed himself against me his erection pressed hard against my hips.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and stood on my toes, urging him closer. I  bit  his lower lip and tug, earning me a low groan.
He ran a hand up from my knee to the apex of my  thighs and nearly doubled over in surprise.
 “You’re killing me woman,” he breathed. 
."You’re so naughty. You weren’t wearing panties the whole time?” he said, cupping me.
I  silently shook my  head, my grip on his neck tightening as my knees became weak.
“I want to taste you,” he murmured, releasing me to lead me to the bedroom. 
"It’s been so fucking long.”
We  both stood in the foot of the bed, and he stripped me of my clothes, randomly nibbling on parts of my skin. I did the same, slowly unbuttoning his plaid shirt and peeling off his ridiculously tight jeans. I palmed him through his boxers and gave him a soft kiss before he stopped me and gently pushed me on the bed.
“Fucking shit,” he cursed, watching as it leaked on the sheets. He gave me  a shallow lick, making me whimper. As much as I wanted  him to lick harder, I let him control the pace. He continued his teasing licks, tracing my lips with his tongue and sucking my  folds into his mouth.
He chuckled, but decided to stop the teasing. He sucked my clit and swirled his tongue around it, making my eyes close in pleasure. He moved his lips in a way that made me head thrash from side to side, your breath coming out in loud pants. 
I slipped off his boxers and watched as his erection sprang up. I grabbed his dick and moved my hands up and down.  Once Harry had let out a moan, I toke 3 quarters of his member in my mouth, pumping and twisting the parts I couldn’t fit. I swirled my tongue around as Harry’s moans filled the room. His hands pulled down on my hair making me deep throat him. His member throbbed in my mouth, which signalled me he was going to cum soon.
"Baby, im-im im gonna c-cum." He groaned. I kept deep throating him even when his hot liquids squirted down my throat.
"Brooke,"He screamed as I swallowed it all and licked the remains off his member.
Just as I was about to ask him why he stopped, his dick pounded into me at full speed. I screamed out his name.
"Ha-Ha-Harry!" I gripped the sheets as Harry thrusted into me as hard as possible. The headboard slammed against the wall as we screamed each others names. It wasn’t long before Harry’s thrusts became slower and sloppier. He looked up at me, as I wiped the sweat dripping down his forehead. He slammed into me one last time as we both reached our highs.
I  smiled, and adjusted my  body so that we  lay facing each other. i pushed back his unruly hair and kissed his forehead, his nose, and then his lips

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