that one day

One day Nova Timberlake gets a suprise on her birthday..... And it changes her life!!!


6. when we get home

when me and niall get home tera and the rest of the boys walk up to me." we are sorry for acting the way that we did aren't we boys" tera said and the boys agreed. " thanks... well i have to do some thing upsairs so if you need me i will be upsairs" i said while walking up the stairs and niall following me. when we got to my room niall sat down on my bed and i walked into the closet. after about ten minutes i asked niall for help."this one!!" he yelled while pulling out a black dress with black heals. i took them and walked into the bathroom. i put on the drees and heals. then i walked to the mirror and put on some light makeup curled my hair and put on some accessories.when i get out of the bathroom i see niall trying to tie his tie and he is in a black tux. when i opened the door it made a noice and i mad niall look at me. this jaw droped. " close your mouth your going to catch flys " i said he he looked at the grownd. i walked over to him and tied his tie. he looked at me and pulled me closer to me and we looked into each others eyes and he leaned in and kissed me. we were soon making out. he picked me up and forceing me to rap my legs around his waised. he layed me on the bed not braking the kiss. he was laying on top of me and... someone knocked on the door. " lets finish this after dinner!" he said while helping me up off of the bed and we both walked to the door and opened it and walked out to find louis at the door." finish what?" he said with a big grin on his face. " candyland the bored game" niall said lieing and looking dowm at me. " well then..." louis said and all three of us walked down saires. " you all ready?" asked liam and me and niall nodded our heads. " me and nova are going to drive in my car.ok" niall said while pulling me out of the house and to his car. we both got in and buckled up and off we went. we got to the restrant after about 30 minutes. we walked in and waited for the rest of the group. when they got there we took out seat. we all ordered and ate our food. " so what do you want to do tomarow?" asked harry " well i have never been to the carnaval?" i said '' well i guess that is what we are going to do then!'' said niall. the food came and we all ate. every one talked while i was kinda in candyland. i just ate and thought about well every thing. " are you ok?" niall whispered into my ear."ya i am just fine" i said puting on a fake smile. " tell me the truth" he said and turning my head so that i am looking right into his eyes. " can we go?" i asked almost bursting into tears. well i had the right to. today has been shit. " guys ma and nova are going to go now ok nova doesn't feal good. ok" niall said then giveing them some money so they can pay for me and him. then we left. we got into the car and hurryed home.when we got home i ran to my room niall running after me. we got tome room and i fell on my knees and started to cry. niall picked me up and put me on the bed. he picked up my head and wiped away my tears away. then next thing i knew we wear makeing out again. " now wear were we?" niall said then kissed me again. we made out for about 10 minutes then niall pulled away so that he could take off his shirt because i had already taken off his tie and his blazer. when he had his shirt off he unzipped my dress....

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