that one day

One day Nova Timberlake gets a suprise on her birthday..... And it changes her life!!!


7. that night

then he unzipped my dress and slid it off... so now i am in my underwear. i unbutton and unzipped nialls pants and slowly slid them off... soon we were laying on top of eachother naked. '' niall should we do this?" i asked. '' only if you want!" he said and i nodded and he kept it going on till he reached he's orgasmic point and i reached mine to but we didn't stop there. we cept going till i left scratches on his back. he layed down next to me and started to kiss my neck. he soon stoped and started to bite and suck on one spot and i knew that it was going to leave a bruis. he didn't stop tell he got me to make a noice. he soon blew cool air on the stop he was biting. we layed there till we fell asleep. i woke up with a stomach ache. i ran to the bathroom to puke. when i was done niall was at the door." are you ok?" he asked kinda scared. " niall go to the store and get some pregnancy tests now!" i told him. then he went to put on his a shirt and off he went. i couldn't get off of the ground and into my room so i just layed there and waited. when niall got back he ave he the test and walked out and shut the door. when i was done i waited and it came out... postive... so i tryed another one and it was the same. i sat down on the floor and started to cry. niall must over hurd me because he walked in and sat down next to me and pulled me into a hug. " it was positve wasn't it?" he asked and all i could do was nod. when i was done crying i asked niall " when are we going to tell the boys and how?" "we will tell them to night at dinner ok" he said and i got up and got ready for today. when i was done i sarted to walk down stairs and when i smelled the food i had to hold my mouth and run to the bathroom to puke again. niall walked in and stared to rub my back." thanks niall for being here for me" i said to niall and hugged him and we walked down sairs again. when i got to the kitchen i saw everyone at the table even Tera. " hey " Tera said and all the boys looked up at me and niall. " well looks whos finaly up!" louis snapped at me and i was not in the mood so i said " go fuck off " " ooh someone is a little feisty today" he snapped back and i walked to the cabinet and go a cup of water niall followed me. " i am going to tell them now" i whispered to niall and he nodded in agreement. " lisen up everyone..." i yelled and everyone looked at me and niall. " i am pregnant so don't fuck with me" i yelled and everyone got up and ran to me and hugged me all at once. " who is the dad?" zayn asked " niall" i said "good job lad' louis said while slaping his back and giving him a hug and everyone did the same.

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