that one day

One day Nova Timberlake gets a suprise on her birthday..... And it changes her life!!!


10. That night hen I woke up

I woke up in the middle of the night to a loud crash coming from down satires. So I go up and went to go see what it was but right before I got to the door to go to the hallway Niall stopped me and scarred me so bad I almost wet my paints. " go damn Niall you have to be care full in the dark and who you touch because I could of punched you in the balls" I whisper yelled at him. "Sorry honey but I wanted to know were you were going because I was a little worried!" He said and kissed me on my forehead. I just looked away and started to walk down satires again and Niall followed me and ever move I made. He took one wrong step and it made a really weird cracking noise and I almost punched him in his balls because we are supposed to be quiet and he is not being that at all. I just keep walking straight.  We soon got to the kitchen and I told Niall to turn on the lights and he did so. When we did I found a girl on the ground and Louis was in the dinning room with a beer can in his hands. I looked at the girl and I realized that see was crying so I sat down next to her and she look up at me. We looked into each others eyes for a good 30 seconds and then she lent in and hugged me at started to cry and cry and cry. After a while I saw Niall go over to louis and see what was going on. "Hey honey what is your name?" I asked and she mumbled something that sounded like she said Eleanor. " what happened down here with you and Lou?" I asked again while rubbing her back. She looked at me and explained the whole thing to me and I almost got up and bitch slapped Louis but I am pregnant so I can't get up on my own. " who's the dad?" She asked then put her hand on my tummy and the baby started to kick. She soon looked up at me and smiled and I finally answered with " Niall that young man over there talking to Louis." With a smile caked on my face she looked at me then Niall. " here let me help you up!" She said and helped me up and I hugged her and walked over to where Niall and Louis were. I was standing the right in front of Louis. He was looking at the ground and once he was my striped socks he shot his head up and looked at me because I am the only person he knows that has striped socks and I wear them all the time. " what?" He said and looked at me with a surprised face. I could here his sassy ness in his voice and I was not in the mood for in so I looked at him for about .3 seconds then raised my hand and I saw Niall from the corner of my eye flinch because he knew what was coming. My and what not in the air that long and soon I felt my hand hit Louis soft face and I put all my force onto that on slap. He head flung to she side and I took my hand from his face. He looked at he and then put his head down and held his cheek. "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING WHEN YOU CAME HOME WITH ELEANOR DRUCK AND THEN BREAK HER HEART IN MY HOUSE HUH?" I yelled at him and he looked at me then at the stairs because everyone in the house was now in the kitchen/dinning room. " well I don't want to be with her anymore and I need to tell her now because I can't be with her anymore I had to leave today and-" I cut him off with another hit to the cheek. "NEVER IN MY HOUSE AGAIN!" I yelled the walked over to Eleanor and told her to get into my car and I will driver her home. " sorry about that." I said after we got into the car. She didn't say anything and the rest of the car ride there was quite. After I dropped her off I wanted ice cream so I called Niall and told him to meat me at the store in 5. And sure enight     



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