that one day

One day Nova Timberlake gets a suprise on her birthday..... And it changes her life!!!


2. just what i need

I start to walk home and i am looking down at my feet like i always do and.... BANG.... i run into someones chest. but before i knew it i was on the ground with a bloody nose and i was crying! i looked up to see Justin Beiber looking right at me like i was crazy. he kept saying ' i'm so sorry ' and he said the several times before i said " its ok it was my falt " i get up and call my dad. " hey whats up?" he asks and i walk to were Justin cant hear me. " well, i ran into Justin Beiber and now i have a bloody nose and its kinda weird! so can you come and pick me up?" i say with blood still running out of my nose and down my shirt. " ya i'll be there in about 5 minutes " he said " ok love you bye '' i said" love you to bye " he said and then we both hung up and i walked back over to Justin. he looks at me and asks "hats your name?'' " Nova Timberlake.'' i said hoping he wouldn't hear the last part. " your Justin Timberlake's daughter?" he said kinda suprized. ''ya i am, what gives?'' i asked '' well i have heard alot of people take about you but no one realy knows about you'' '' so i like to keep to myself'' '' well i'd like to hang with you sometime.'' and with that me exchanged numbers and my dad pulled up. i huged Justin and we said our goodbyes. i got in the car and off we went. ''so how did all of this happen?'' my dad asked '' well its a long story'' i said and we said nothing the rest of the way to the house. when we got there i got out of the car ran to the door and unlocked it. i walked inside and inside was....One Direction... i looked at them then ran upstares to my room and went into my bathroom to clean up... i hope they didn't see me or did they.. that ran through my head the hole time i was cleaning my face and neck off. when i got outof my bath room i was almost scared to death... '' holly shit you scared me'' i yelled ''well i didn't know you had that in ya!!'' i dad said back to me and when he did i looked at the ground... '' go down stares and meat your guests!'' my dad snapped at me '' i am not going down there with this on i need to change!!'' i snapped back and with that i walked into my closet. '' well hurry up then '' my dad said before walking out of my room. i changed into white skinny jeans and a lime green crop top and i put on my camoflashed jacked that had no sleeves and put on some new sockes that were also camoflashed i walked down stares to fined everyone where i saw them last time i was down here. i stood there for about two minutes till harry waved at me and everyone looked at me. i waved back and started to walk to the kitchen and i hear foot steps behind me and i turn to look and see who it was... it was just niall. '' can i help you?'' i am hungry and i know that you are getting food! so i wanted to come and get some!!''

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