that one day

One day Nova Timberlake gets a suprise on her birthday..... And it changes her life!!!


3. Food and Niall

" hurry up and get in here if you want ot eat!!" i yelled and everyone came running in " what are we going to have to eat?" zayn asks " fish crackers also known as gold fish might i add it was Naills pick!" i said with a smile on my face " cool so whats you name?' asks liam " hold on i have to call someone it will take one minute. i will tell you when i'm done,ok" when i was saying that i walked out of the kitchen and up to my room to get  my phone and called Tera (my best friend).it rang a cupple of times before she answered. " hey whats up?" she asked " come to my house A.S.A.P '' i said realy fast "ok be there in ten" she said and with that she hung up and i when down stares to find the boy had all ready got some food but didnt put it away yet. " so now that your back what is your name" louis said turning around to look at me. "Nova" i said " ok then when is your birthday because that is why your dad said we are here to stay for a month?" harry asked while standing up same with the rest of the boys. " today" i said with a big smile on my face and it was a bad idea. because next thing i knew i was on the floor with all the guys on top of me yelling 'happy birthday'. ''get off'' i yelled while crawling to the door then all of a sudden i was in the air. " put me down now" i yelled because i didnt know who was holding me. " never!!" i thich irish acent yelled then.... DING DONG .... every one stoped in there tracks. i was in the air and niall was holding me, harry was on the floor laughing, louis was siting on the conter eating the gold fish, zayn was trying to but himself into the fridge, and liam was on my phone probley looking through my messages. then niall through me onver his sholder and ran and answered the door. before anyone could say anything i said " come and join the party Tera!!" and then she walked strait to the kitchen. "niall can you put me down now?" i asked niall " not yet i have to talk to you in your room" he said then we walked into my room and niall but me down and slaped my ass i truned around and smiled. then i went into the bathroom and looke dinto the mirroe and went to the bathroom. when i got out i found niall on my phone that i took from liam before we went and answered the door. " what are you doing?" i asked niall then he sat up and said " taking pictures" " oh what did you need to talk to me about?" i asked " well i wondering if you want to go on a date with me and the lads? you can bring Tera i thing that is her name!" ya i would love to go" and when i said that i sat on the bed and pulled niall down to lay down next to me. we layed there just talking for about a half an hour the i said " hey do you want to go down stares now?" naill looked at me and nodded his head i sat up and niall go off of the bed and helped me up and grabed mine and his phone. he handed me mine and we started to walk out of the room. then Niall slaped my ass again " stop Niall that shit really hurts!!" i said while swating around my butt to push his hands away from it. "never" he yelled while streching out the word never. we walked down the stare and into the kitchen to find....

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