that one day

One day Nova Timberlake gets a suprise on her birthday..... And it changes her life!!!


9. all the nine months in one

ok so now i am about two months pregnant and its realy hard because the boys left a long time ago and i am all by myself and its realy hard to get around town. " niall!" i yell and as niall walked through my door way. " hey babe, how have you been?" " good '' " well thats great '' he said and kissed me  then got dowm on his knees and kissed our baby. after that we went out to eat and we talked and then we when home and the boys were there. " how did you guys get in here?" i asked and they all looked at me. " well the window and the door!" zayn said. " i went through the window and unlocked the door for them and we came in." louis said. " hey zayn when do we get to meat your new girlfriend?" i asked. " well you kinda already have..." he said while looking at the ground. " who i haven't met anyone new that you know to and is a girl?" i said and walked over to him and sat down next to him " he lent in and whispered into my ear and he said " well it's Tera and you can't tell her that i told you becaus eit was suposed to be a secret till tonight!" " ok i won't " i whispered back into his ear and then i tryed to get up but failed and niall can over and helped me up and i walked into the kitchen and got some food for liam , harry , zayn , and louis. " come and get your food boys!" i yelled and all of them ran in even niall. " thanks" they all said at once and they all walked out leaveing me and niall alone. " so what do you have for me?" niall asked. i waited about 30 seconds then walked to the freazer and grabed and ice cream cake and when to go cut it then niall stoped me and said " just grab 6 forks" so i did and walked to the living room and there they all were wait for more food till they saw the cake and i set it on the floor and i sat down next to it and not that long after the boys were asking for there forks. so i handed out the froks and opedned the cake and we all sat on the floor eat cake with eachother. they all talked while i just sat there and ate the cake withouth talking untill zayn asked " so what are you going to name the baby?" i took my eyes off of the cake and loked at all the boys looking at me and i just sat there and stared at them for a good 3 minutes. " well frist we have to wait till tomarow to see if it is a girl or a boy then we will start to talk about names" i said and they just sarted to talk again and leave me out and when the cake was done everyone got up and louis helped me up. " so now what do you want to do till dinner and that is in 6 hours?" i asked. "movie time " liam yelled. " ok what movie and not toy story sorry liam." i said and liam sat down and started to act like he was upset and i just stared at him and laughed. " well we can watch movie 43 then what else?" niall said " well we can watch that one where jack kills big people!" laim said after he was done fake crying. " jack the giant slayer?" harry asked " ya that one" liam yelled " sound cool '' zayn said and naill put in the movie and we watched it and it was pretty funny. then harry put in the next movie and i fell asleep on nialls lap in th emiddle of the movie and woke up tords the end. hopefully no one saw me asleep. " when the movie was over zayn helped me up and i went to go get ready for dinner, sense we had and hour to get ready i thought a nice warm shower would be good and when i got in niall walked into the bathroom and got into the shower with me and he started to wash me back. " i love you nova " he said and i turned around and looked him in the eyes and said " i love you to niall '' and we kissed and finished the shower and got ready and went down stares. after about 5 minutes we left to go meat Tera at the restrant.when we got there Tera was at the front door and we went to applebee's and ate dinner and we all came back to my house. '' all can stay if you want but you have to be quite or i will come down here and beat the shit out of all of you then yell ha bitch you just got beat up by a pregnant women '' i said then walked up satires and went to bed

A/N: sorry i had to go my dad got posin ive and we had to go to the store and get viniger and it sucks balls :(

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