Murder In Silence.

Hi, my name's Maura. I'm traveling to a friends' house, but my car breaks down, lucky for me it dies in front of a motel... or am I?
(Undergoing construction))


3. Cyanide...?

   Almonds? Isn't that...?

   I spit out my tea.

   "What's wrong dear?" Neil asked.

   What to say now? If I'm right, Neil just tried to kill me with cyanide poisoning. 

   "Uh, it's a little too hot for me." I lied.

   Neil smiled and nodded.

   "Look, I'm really tired. I'm going to go up to bed." I said.

   Neil frowned but nodded anyways.

   I smiled. I turned and once I was out of Neil's sight, I bolted up to my room. I searched on my phone for how long it takes the poison to kick in.

   Nine seconds. 

   I gasped. I saw down on my bed and just stared at my phone. 

   I minuet passed by. Then two.

   I probably didn't drink enough. I got up and locked the door to my room.

   My phone buzzed, I had a voice mail? But my phone didn't even tell me I was getting a call. 

   I listened to it, it was Nithya.

   "Oh my God Maura. You have to get out of there! That guy is creepy, weird stuff has been going on with him and that house of his. Like people have gone missing. And it's the same thing! Their car breaks down and they stay there for the night. Get. Out. Of. There."

   I sat on the floor. They went missing? But...

   "Maura?" Neil asked from the other side of the door.

   I held my breath. But if he wanted me dead...

   "Yes?" I called out.

   Neil cursed to himself. "Just making sure you're okay."

   I muttered a thanks. Neil left and I tried to call Nithya back, I got her voice mail. Crap.

   "Hi Nithya, it's me Maura. Look, I can't leave. Unless you want to drive all the way out here and pick me up then I'm staying here with the nut job. I'll call you when I leave tomorrow," the power went out, "oh shit. Nithya, I'll call you back."

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