Murder In Silence.

Hi, my name's Maura. I'm traveling to a friends' house, but my car breaks down, lucky for me it dies in front of a motel... or am I?
(Undergoing construction))


2. A Dinner Invitation.

   "I'm sorry if I scared you dear," Neil said as I bolted up right, "but the other attendants and I are having dinner. We wanted to invite you to join us."

   I stared at him, how the heck did he get in here? "Okay. Thank you."

   Neil smiled (SO CREEPY!) and walked out of the room. Why was he so freaky? 

   I need to get out of here. But I also need a place to spend the night. I got up and looked down at my car from my window. It looked beat up and broken.

   I sighed. I had driven that car since I got my license! I was twenty three now... so it's eight years old? At least that. 

   I got out my phone and went online,

   I clicked on the pickup truck tab, oh, that one.

   I clicked on the 'super duty pickup' painted chrome silver. Wow it cost a lot. Rounding the cost, just to be easy on it, it cost $30,000.

   I turned off my phone. I sighed, what to do, what to do?

   Might as well go down and join them for dinner. 

   I went downstairs and saw Neil eating alone, but with at least five or six extra seats. He was nodding like he was in some sort of conversation with the empty chairs. 

   "Hello?" I said.

   Neil looked up at me and smiled. "Hello darling!" 

   "Hi." I said. 

   "Come sit down, I'll get you a cup of tea." Neil said.

   "Okay, thank you." I said, I sat down at a random seat far away from Neil.

   "No!" He shouted at me.

   I jumped.

   "Here." He said, he had a menacing look in his eyes, he pointed to the next seat over.

   I got up and sat down in the seat he indicated. He smiled and went into what I guessed was the kitchen and got the tea.

   I looked at the empty seats around me. Where was everyone else?

   "Here we are," he said coming out from the kitchen. He had a tray of tea in his hands.

   I thanked him and took the cup he gave me.

   "If you don't mind me asking," I started, "where is everyone else?" I took a sip of my tea. There was a familiar taste in it, but I couldn't figure it out.

   Neil looked at me and laughed. "Why we're all here!"

   I looked at him like he was crazy. What did he mean everyone was here? I looked at the empty seats, did he mean...?

   I looked back at the smiling Neil. He had to be crazy.

   I looked away from him and took another sip of my tea, it hit me, the mysterious flavor.

   It was almonds. 

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