Murder In Silence.

Hi, my name's Maura. I'm traveling to a friends' house, but my car breaks down, lucky for me it dies in front of a motel... or am I?
(Undergoing construction))


11. 7:58

   This is crazy, why can't I just leave? Why did my car stop here in the first place? Why did I have to go to Nithya's house?!

   "Maura give up." Neil's voice echoed.

   "No," I said as I rubbed my leg, "I will not let you win."

   A laugh. "The sun won't come up for a long time."

   "You think I don't know that?" I whispered. I grimaced at the searing pain that kept shooting through my leg. How many volts were in the fence?

   "You're going to loose anyways," he told me.

   "No, no I'm not. Get over yourself." I said. I got up and staggered around to the right side of the house, I found a garage. What disaster would lay behind this door?

   I opened it and glanced inside; a work bench, tools, piles of wood, lights, the usual. I sighed. Maybe I could rest here for a while? Catch my breath and sleep? A sudden wave of exhaustion came over me.

   I stepped in and locked the door behind me, then locked any other possible way in or out of the room. I sat down, my back against one of the far walls, and sighed. I wouldn't know if someone broke in... or if Neil or one of the other Mauras' broke in.

   Sighing, I got up and pushed one of the work benches to a door and placed a glass bowl on the edge of it. I repeated it with the other door and then returned to my spot against one of the walls. I leaned my head against the wall and glanced down at my watch: 8:09.

   I closed my eyes and slept.


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