Murder In Silence.

Hi, my name's Maura. I'm traveling to a friends' house, but my car breaks down, lucky for me it dies in front of a motel... or am I?
(Undergoing construction))


5. 7:01

   That was Neil's laugh. It was permanently burned into my mind.

   I turned my phones flashlight back on, darkness still surrounded me.

   "Just leave me alone Neil." I shouted to the hallway.


   A chill ran through my spine, but what do I do now? I have no idea where Neil is, where the other things like the thing that attacked me are, or where the door was to get out of here was. How could I escape? The front door was probably locked.

   I took a deep breath and took a step forward, the floor board creaked underneath my wait. I looked up as a single light flicked on at the end of the hallway. I walked towards it, I passed the staircase and stole a look down, dark.

   I looked back at the light, it flickered and went out. I was in darkness again.


   I whipped around.


   I looked to my left, there was a closed door. I slightly pressed it open, it was empty. 

   I walked in, the door closed behind me.

   I turned around, nothing.

   "Hello there..."

   I looked around the room. Where was that coming from?

   Something dripped on my face, I reached up and felt it, was that...?

   I looked up, there was a girl, long blonde hair swirling around her head. Wearing a blue tank top, black leather jacket, and dark jeans. Blood was puddling around her. Her feet were covered in red, so I guessed her feet were cut off or something.

   I wiped the blood on my shirt. I shot at the girl, she fell down with an earsplitting wail. I covered my ears with my hands and doubled over.

   Why didn't the neighbors hear us? Why didn't anyone help?

   The girl stood up like a zombie, her eyes white rolled into the back of her skull.

   "They can't help you." She said, practically reading my mind.

   I closed my eyes as she continued to scream.

   What do I do? I took a chance, I let go of my ears and shot at her.

   She fell to the ground with her mouth open and her hair still strewn around.

   I took a deep breath, she was gone. My ears were ringing from her screams, but the dull ring slowly went away.

   I looked at my watch, 7;18. 

   "Is that all you got Neil?" I asked the darkness.

   The creepy laugh, the one that belonged to Neil only, echoed through the house again.

   This was a game right?

   I guess the game has just begun. 

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