Murder In Silence.

Hi, my name's Maura. I'm traveling to a friends' house, but my car breaks down, lucky for me it dies in front of a motel... or am I?
(Undergoing construction))


15. 1:29

What did he do to them? How could a person, a human being, become this way? It's unnatural, and down right wrong.

How could Neil possibly do this?

I sighed and rested my head against the wall, a few tears streaked down my face and I finally felt myself want to give up. This was crazy! How much more of this could I put up with?

I looked up and saw a ladder hanging from the door I fell through. I started climbing up, the garage was empty, thank God. I got an idea, I climbed into the car and hunted for a set of keys. I found them in the cup holder and smiled, have fun chasing me now.

I put the keys in the ignition and the car started up with a growl. The headlights came on and I put the car in reverse, I floored the gas and flew out of the garage with the door falling into pieces behind me. I could hear Neil's voice screaming at me from inside and I laughed victoriously.

I drove through the gate and aced to Nithya's home.

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