Big Singer

New out coming singers and groups are put into on household. Each of the 20 people in the house play for themselves. For one year they will compete to become the Big Singer! There will be twists, surprises, bromances, show-mances, and much more!
**Inspired by Big Brother**


3. Truth or Dare

Riley's POV:
  After I had kissed Harry, we all went inside and started to celebrate his winning! Since it was night time we weren't being video taped. Everyone grabbed a drink and headed to the living room.
     "Anyone wanna play truth or dare?" Louis asked
     "I do, I do, I do!!!!" I yelled jumping up and down
     "Okay then. Who's first?" Carly asked
     "I'll go." Niall said
      "Okay truth or dare?" Aria asks him
      "Do you think anyone of us ladies is fit?" Aria asked
       "All of you are but I would have to say, Alexa and Riley the most." Niall admitted
       " Alright Riley, Truth or Dare?" Niall asked me.
       "Dare... duh!" I squealed
        "I dare you to kiss each one of us lads." Niall said with a smirk
         "I'm not the slutty type but I never pass up a dare!" I said as I made my way over Niall first

He wasn't a bad kisser but I didn't feel the fireworks like I did with Harry. Next was Zayn, then Liam, Louis then finally Harry. I sat on his lap straddling him. He just had a cheeky smile on his face.
       "Oh come here you cheeky bastard!" I said as I grabbed the back of him neck and smashed my lips on his. This is going to sound cliché, but fireworks exploded as our lips touched. No words would explain what I just experience. After we pulled away I bit my lip and then got off of his lap and sat next to him.  We played truth or dare for a while then I decided to go to bed.

Next morning:

I woke up and felt a pair of muscular arms wrapped around me. I turn my head a little and saw a head full of curls. I smirked knowing that it was Harry. Then swiftly turned to face him. I placed a quick kiss on his nose then got up. I went to the kitchen and saw that everyone was awake. 

           "Good morning!" I said cheerily as I poured a glass of orange juice. 

           "Someones happy!" Sophia laughed. 

            "What I can't be happy when I wake up?!" I ask knowing what they mean. 

Alexa's POV:

It kills me to see Riley and Harry all lovey dovey. She doesn't even remember me. We were best friends in like 5th grade. She stole my boyfriend... well he wasn't my boyfriend. But we both really liked each other! And she just comes him and swoops him away. I'm going to get her back. And it will be soon. 


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