Big Singer

New out coming singers and groups are put into on household. Each of the 20 people in the house play for themselves. For one year they will compete to become the Big Singer! There will be twists, surprises, bromances, show-mances, and much more!
**Inspired by Big Brother**


1. Meeting Everyone

Host's POV:

       "Welcome everyone to the first season of Big Singer!" I, Justin Timberlake (the host) announces 

Everyone cheered waiting for me to announce who is going to be on the show.

        "We have some very talented singers here tonight! And here they come! First is Alexa Connor, Aria Williams, Riley Lynch,  Sophie Watson, Carly Rose, and lastly One Direction's Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Harry Styles!" I announced.


Riley's POV: 

As the host announced everyone after me, I stood the watching the others come on stage. When Justin (the host) announced One Direction... a bell went off in my head. They had just recently been on the Xfactor. I had heard them perform before and there pretty damn good. Once Harry walked on stage I was completely in awwe. I had seen him once before but in person was different. I know this year in gonna be different. 

Harry's POV: 

Once I got on stage I noticed probably one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen! Her smile was gorgeous. I needed to get to know her.

We were all called in two at a time. First it was Liam and Carly, then Niall and Alexa, the Zayn and Sophia, then Louis and Aira, then finally it was me and Riley. We walked in and then ran to find rooms. I ran to the room where the lads were in. There were no beds left...

Riley's POV:

Once I got into the house, I ran to find a bed. I went to the room with all the girls in it but there were none left... Where was I suppose to sleep. Sophia came up to me. 

       "You can put you things on my bed for now, I don't know why they don't have enough beds." She said kindly.

       "Thanks, I hope I wont have to sleep in the same bed with one of the guys.." I huffed. 

*Everyone to the conference*  <announcement

We all headed there curiously..

Once we arrived and sat down they started talking. 

       "So I know that there aren't enough beds. They got back ordered. But we did manage to get a queen sized bed instead of a twin. Who here doesn't have a bed?" The asked

I raised my hand and so did... Harry.

       "Well, you two are going to have to share the bed for now until the Head of Singers Househole competition. And by next week we will have two more twin beds." They announced then we all left.

 Where is the other bedroom anyways. 

         "Hey, are you alright with this? If not I can sleep on the floor or couch." Harry said kindly

         "No it's fine. I just have no idea where it is." I admitted. 

          "Lets go search together!" He said grabbing my hand. 

We ran through the halls looking but couldn't find anything. Then I saw a door right next to the bathroom. I pulled Harry with me and opened the door. It was just an ordinary room. Like one that I had at home... except the fact that I had to share it with a guy. 

After Harry and I brought our things to the room, everyone in the house went to the living room and started to introduce themselves. 

I Started.

Harry's POV: 

Once Riley started talking I just could stop looking at her and listening. 

     "Hi I'm Riley. I'm 18 years old, I just graduated high school in London. I have a youtube channel that sing songs that I write and do covers on." she spoke

     "Hi I'm Alexa. I'm 19. I also have a youtube Channel that I do covers of songs on... But I don't write because I to busy with college." Alexa laughed.

All the girls introduced themselves first. They all had youtube channels and were 19-20 years old. 

Now its our turn. All the lads went before me. But no I have to go. 

      "Hi I'm Harry. I just finished with the Xfactor with the lads. I'm from Holmes Chapel in Cheshire and I'm 19 years old." I finished. 

     "Well, I think this calls for a toast!" Riley cheered.

     "Too a great you with all of you amazing people!!" She yelled. 


I really hope you like this. I just thought I would try something new! Enjoy! :D

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