Big Singer

New out coming singers and groups are put into on household. Each of the 20 people in the house play for themselves. For one year they will compete to become the Big Singer! There will be twists, surprises, bromances, show-mances, and much more!
**Inspired by Big Brother**


4. How could you do that?!


Harry's POV:
       "Who wants to see my HOS room?!?!?" I yell as I burst through the door of the Conference Room.  Everyone ran and followed me upstairs to the room.

Riley's POV:
        "Awe, you were so adorable as a kid." I said turning to Harry after looking at the pictures of him. 
         "What happened?!?" I laughed and he pretended to pout like a little kid.
         "I'm kidding." I said out loud them whispered to him. "Your sexy now!"

He chuckled at my comment, thank god no one heard what I said. That would have been awkward.

*2 weeks later*

Harry's POV:
     Riley, the lads, Sophie and I have made a pack. Next week were voting people off. I have to put 2 people up on the block. 

Riley's POV:
Everyone just left Harry's room except for me and him. I crawled over to the bed and tackled him. 
       "I'm going to take a shower, I will be back." I say giving him a quick kiss.
       "You can shower in my bathroom you know." He winked 
       "Okay but I need clothes." I stated the obvious
        "Not when your with me." He rolled us over so he was hovering me. 
        "Haha very funny, but I'm not like that." I said escaping his grip and heading downstairs to grab my cloths. 
I past Alexa on my way down. I don't trust her. I watched as she walked up to Harry's room. Whatever, I trust Harry.  
After I grabbed my clothes I headed back upstairs. When I opened the door I saw Alexa kissing Harry....

     "I can't believe you!!! I trusted you!" I yelled at him then ran downstairs but he followed
      "It's not what you think Riley!" I tried to explain 
       "Don't even try to explain! Your an asshole! I'm done! We're done!" I yelled emphasizing the were then ran to find Sophie.
She was one real friend I had in this house besides the lads.
        "What happened? I heard you and Harry arguing." She asked comforting me
        "I c-caught him k-k-issing Alexa." I cried out stuttering. 
        "He is an ass for doing that to you!" She yelled and ran out of the room

Sophie's POV: 
I ran out of the room to find Harry and knock some sense into him. When I got to his room, Niall was standing outside the door.
      "Can I go in?" I asked sort of yelling
      "Sorry but Louis is talking to him." He said blocking the door
      "Oh sorry I said it wrong. IM GOING IN!" I pushed passed him and pushed open the door
     "What the hell?!?!How could you do that to her?!?" I yelled as he turned to me and I saw tears in his eyes

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