Big Singer

New out coming singers and groups are put into on household. Each of the 20 people in the house play for themselves. For one year they will compete to become the Big Singer! There will be twists, surprises, bromances, show-mances, and much more!
**Inspired by Big Brother**


2. 1st Competition... With a twist!


Riley's POV:
One day had already past. The first night of sharing a bed with Harry wasn't that bad. Today we had our Head of Singers competition. I want to win, but I don't want to look like a threat. We all got changed and headed to the back yard where the competition was set up. 

There was a stage set up with stairs and speakers on each side. There were two podiums with microphones on it. And a large sign that read H-O-S (head of singers). There were fives chairs on one side and 5 on the other. One set was pink and the other was blue. I'm guessing in side was for the lads and one side for us girls. 

Justin explained all the rules. Two of us would go up at a time. On girl, one lad. A song would start playing and whoever guessed it first won the round. The other would go sit out. 

The game started. 

First up was Niall and Aria. A song started playing and right off I knew it was Read All About it by Emeli Sande. Aria guess it which meant Niall was out. 

Next up was Liam and I. The song started and I immediately hit the buzzer. 
       " Troublemaker by Olly Murs!" I guessed and I was correct. 
        "Sorry Li." I said giving him a nickname. 
       "Thanks for the nickname and its alright. Good luck!" He said as he walked off the stage. 

Everyone had a turn and there were 3 of us left Louis, Harry and I. I was up against Louis next. 

Harry's POV: 

Louis, Riley and I were left. Louis and Riley were up. If she didn't win I had to. 

They walked up and the song started. Riley hit her buzzer. 
       "Wings by Little Mix?" She said questionably. But she was wrong so Louis guessed and got it right. 
I heard Louis whisper something to Riley.
        "Sorry love." He said giving her a kiss on the cheek. She blushed then walked away. I had to win!

I walked up the stairs and got ready the song started... 
        "Daylight by Marron 5!" I said as  I waited to see if I was right...

"Correct your the first Head of Singers for the month!" The host announced! 
 I jumped up and everyone cheered  I got hugs from everyone and when it came to Riley, I held her in my arms for a moment. The let go awkwardly.
      "Sorry." I said backing up.
      "It's alright, I liked it." She said grabbing my shirt and pulling me down as she crashed her lips on mine.

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