Angel Eyes

Annabelle is a girl who falls in love with a boy the only thing standing in her way is his deep dark secret and some well set rules. Annabelle is about to realize she is not who she thought she was.


3. Nick's Talk

Nick's P.O.V.

I was fuming when I got home. I thought I finally found the girl. "The one who has been haunting me and Zoey just goes off and tries to scare her away. I grabbed my phone and headed to my room. I dialed Zoey's number. 

"Hello" She answered seeming like she just woke up from a nap.

"Zoey we need to talk."

"What about"

"I heard you had a little talk with Annabelle and told her I was 'dangerous'."

"I didn't mean it in the way you thought I meant it." 

"Oh really cus you told her you didn't trust her enough to tell her why. I'm pretty sure that you did mean it in that way." 

"Look I'm sorry, but she will find out sooner or later if she is who you think she is." 

"I believe it's her. I mean just look at the way her blue eyes sparkle and how she just glows whenever you see her." 

"Alright lover boy quit daydreaming about her. We need to figure out a way to see if it's truly her." 

"We could just take her out to eat and 'get to know her' if you know what I mean" 

" mama don't work like that" 

"Yet I'm the dangerous one." 

"Whatever, Wait I think I hear my parents coming. Talk to later." Zoey quickly hung up. God I hate these stupid rules. I can't even talk to or be seen with one of my closest friends because of some stupid legend. If Annabelle is who we think she is, she can put a stop to this separation, but it will put her in grave danger. 

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