Angel Eyes

Annabelle is a girl who falls in love with a boy the only thing standing in her way is his deep dark secret and some well set rules. Annabelle is about to realize she is not who she thought she was.


1. New Beginning

   He walked into the room. I was there struggling to get free from the man's tight grip around my neck. The boy came rushing in, turning into his wolf-like self. He ripped the man's right arm off of me and then his left. They started brutally fighting as I started crawling away and then the fighting ended after a brutal shriek was heard. I was about to be out of the room, but something grabbed me. 

   "Get off of me!" I yelled

   "Don't worry it's just me." the boy said

    "Who are you?" 

    "I'm...."  Beep beep


      Ugh! I woke up at the worst possible time! I was just about to find out mystery boy's name.

      "Annabelle, get down here right now!" my sister,Liv, yelled to me.

      " What do you want!" I yelled back. 

      " Just get down here!" 

       Liv has been my guardian since my mom has been really sick in bed. I got dressed and headed down stairs. 

       "That's a cute outfit." Liv said when she saw me.

      I looked down at the outfit I was wearing. "Thanks" 

     "Alright before you go to school get mom's breakfast and give it to her." 


       I got mom's breakfast and went to her room. "Good morning" I greeted her

      "Morning honeybee" That's what she calls me because of my honey blonde hair. 

      "Here's your breakfast." 

      "Thank you. Are you excited for your first day at your new school?" Her voice was so raspy it made my ears hurt. 

      "Very excited." I hope I sounded convincing, but the look she gave didn't look like she was too convinced. "Well I gotta get going or I'm going to be late. Bye." I gave her a kiss on the cheek. 

      "Alright. Have fun." 

      I left and started walking to school. When I reached my new high school it was like a jungle. Kids were everywhere, doing whatever they they pleased. Isn't there any control or authority in this place. I was trying my hardest to get through these people and to the main office, but it was like being in Times Square on New Years Eve. I was getting elbowed and shoved in every which direction. When I finally reached the main office I took a moment to catch my breath and then walked in. 

      "Hello" the girl behind the desk said.

      "Hi. I'm here to get my class schedule." 

      "Alright. You must be Annabelle." 


      "Okay. Here you go." She handed me the paper. "Let me call you  a guide who is in all of your classes." She called up someone. "Alright. Well the girl who will be taking you is Zoey. She is kind of a trouble make, so if there are any troubles just tell me." 


      In walked a girl with long black hair with the tips died purple and her eye color was purple. She looked evil and dark and she was staring at me like I was some strange creature. 

     "Hi. I'm Annabelle"  I said sticking out my hand for her to shake. 

     "Zoey" she said complete ignoring my outstretched  hand. 

     "Zoey I need you to show Annabelle to all her classes." the woman said

      "Alright" Zoey said "Lets go"  

      I nodded my head "Good bye. Have a nice day" I said to the woman and she smiled.

     "Thank you dear"

      I saw Zoey roll her eyes. The walk to the classroom was really quiet and awkward. When we reached the class, all eyes went on Zoey and me.

    "You all got a problem" Zoey said and everyone looked at the teacher.  

    "Miss Landmerk" The teacher said sternly.

    Zoey went and took a seat after the teachers warning leaving me to stand awkwardly standing in the front of the room. 

    "You must be the new student." 

    "Yes sir" I said shyly.

    "Alright class this is Annabelle. She just moved here from Alaska." 

     The class greeted me and the teacher pointed to a desk where I could sit at. The teacher started teaching something I already knew, but I didn't want want to seem like a teacher's pet or an annoying genius girl on my first day of school. I took out my dream journal and started writing down my dream. This boy in my dream has appeared  there before, but I never get to see his face or hear his name. The first bell rang signaling the end of this class. Zoey took me to all my classes and they were all the same. I knew everything they were teaching and when the lunch bell rang the hallways were like the jungle again. Thank God I had Zoey who just pushes people out of the way. We were going to our seats when some girl stopped in front of us. 
      "Get out of our way Jennifer." Zoey said and gave her a little push. Jennifer flicked her hair with a "hmph" and mumbled "freak" then marched along. We went and sat down with Zoey's friends and ate lunch.

       "Who was that?" I asked and Zoey gave me a confused look.

       "Who was who?" Zoey said. 

       "That Jennifer girl who was a little rude to you" 

       "Only the most annoying girl ever." 

       "Oh. So I'm guessing you aren't friends." Everyone at the table started laughing even Zoey. "Look that girl along with almost everyone else hate me and think I'm a freak." 


       "Well I'm not 'normal'."

       "Or like them."  One of Zoey's friend's added.

       "Who would want to be normal. I mean you would have to talk like this." I was saying in a preppy girl voice ''That would like be so boring. Like seriously I'd rather be in a desert with no water."  Everyone at the table were laughing.

       "You're so funny Annabelle and I thought you would be like them" Zoey said still laughing. I think I have a group of friends. Awesome. After lunch we had some more boring classes and then finally the final bell rang. I ran out of the classroom needing to quickly get to the bus and get home to tend to my mother. As I was running to my locker I suddenly ran into something or someone and fell to the ground. 

      "Oh, I'm sorry.'' While helping me pick up my books.

     "It's fine. It was mostly my fault. I was running to get to my locker and then I have to rush to the bus and get home." I was rambling on and while picking up my books. I looked up to see him just staring at me. "I'm sorry. I tend to ramble when I do something embarrassing." 

    "It's alright. By the way I'm Nicholas, but most people call me Nick." 


    "That's a pretty name."

    "Thanks."  I looked at my phone to see what time it was. "Dang it! I missed the bus."  

    "Sorry, I made you miss the bus. You know I can take you home." 

    " Are you sure you want to do that? I don't want to keep you from doing anything you have to do." 

    "I'm free."

    "Okay, but I have to go to my locker first." 

    "Alright."  We were walking to my locker when i got a phone call.

    "Hello" I said 

    "Annabelle you need to get home fast. Mama's almost out." It was Live. I hung up and pulled Nick along to my locker.

    When we finally got there Nick asked "What was that all about." 

    "I'm sorry. It's just my mom has been really sick and my sister just called to tell me she is about to die." 

    "Oh that's terrible. Well lets get you home." We ran all the way to his car. Nick was in front and he was really fast. When I got to the car I was huffing and puffing. 

   "Do you play any sports/" I asked him when I caught my breath. 

   "I play basketball." 

   "Oh. That's cool" He laughed a little. His laugh was probably the cutest thing. The car ride was pretty quiet, well of course it would be we just met. 

   "Thanks for the ride." I said as I was getting out of the car. 

   "No problem. We should hang out tomorrow. Lunch?" 


   "Alright. Bye." 

   "Bye" I ran to the door, quickly unlocked it, and sprinted to my mom's room. "Liv! Where are you?" I yelled. 

   "Annabelle." She came up and hugged me. I felt her tears falling on me.

   "Is she.." 

   "Yes. She died 2 mins. ago." 

  "I didn't even get to say good bye!" I was so mad at myself. I ran to my room, tears running down my face, and I shut my door and locked it. How could I have missed I. That night I fell asleep with the worst nightmare ever. 

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