Summer Love

Sydney Styles, sister of Harry Styles and Zorah Payne, cousin of Liam Payne, are best friends. What happens when Sydney invites Zorah to her step-dad's cabin, and Zorah brings Liam. When Sydney gets a surprise that Harry is coming, how will she cope with it. Even though Zorah has seen Harry a million times before, this time She saw a different side of Harry, not the cupcake Harry she's used to, it was Dark Harry. Liam went head over heels the first time he met Sydney last year, but this time is different Liam brought his dog Loki which Sydney adores. What happens when Sydney sees this different side to Liam. It all unfolds in Summer Love. *One Direction not famous* *Love? Series book(1/6)*


1. Preface

Meet The characters and their views for summer. 





Sydney Styles: 

Hi I'm Sydney Anne Styles. I'm Harry's little sister. I'm 17 years old. This Summer is going to be the best summer ever! My friend Zorah is coming to my step dad's cabin with me this summer. We will be staying there for the whole summer. She's bringing her cousin Liam who I've met last year and he's bringing his dog Loki. I'm So excited. 





Zorah Payne:

This Summer is going to be the bomb. Robin's cabin is right by the Ocean so we can surf and stuff. I'm even bringing Liam, mostly because he kept begging me. He keeps thinking that this trip will help Sydney fall in love with him. Anyway, it's gonna be cool at the beach we can meet some pretty hot life guards. Yeah Buddy.







Harry Styles: 

This Summer I'm going to surprise my little sister. She thinks that I'm staying home for the whole summer. On the third day they're there I'll be coming to stay for the whole summer also. While we're at the beach my band the White Eskimos will be playing  at the kick off of Summer bash. Usually Mom and Robin will be with us, but since I'm 19 and the girls are 17 we will be fine. As long as no other boys will be there.






Liam Payne:

This Summer I will have Sydney fall in love with me. I'm even bringing Loki to the cabin as well. Life couldn't get better. I even can surf all the time this summer. I hear that there's a Summer Bash to kick off the summer there. I know Sydney loves dogs and Loki will be my wing man so I can win her heart. This Summer is going to be the best by far. 





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