A Life With Adventure

Delilah has had some troubles in her life, Parents, home, Friends but the worse was having Cancer. She tries and ignores all those problems and choses not to tell anyone, She accepts the fact that she will die soon, And tries her best to make everyone around her smile.


2. Waking up to a surprise

Delilah's POV

I woke up the same as any other day, I opened my eyes having my oxygen tank on. But I remembered that I  slept on the pavement today, I looked around realising this was not my bed. It was the spare bed in James's House. I walked downstairs bringing the oxygen tank with me, And saw James, He looked over to me.

"Hey there Delilah" He said like any other day

I looked at him, "Why am I in your house?" I asked him, He raised his eyebrows

"Are you serious?" He looked at me "Why are you in my house?" He said again

" Yes, I'm serious. Why am I in your house?" I asked again this time waiting for an answer.

"Well, Delilah Elizabeth Waonet I went back to check on you and saw you asleep on the pavement with dry tears, So as the kind guy I am I carried you and your oxygen tank to my house." He explained.

I really couldn't say anything else, I really couldn't. But then I remembered "My grocery's!" I Yelled "Where are they?" I asked him

"It's ok there in the kitchen" He explained. I turned to the kitchen and saw my grocery's and calmed down.

"Oh" I said

"Well I better get going" I said, I walked down the stairs grabbed my grocery;s and opened the door.

"Delilah, Are you kidding? You can stay here you know" He told me.

"It's ok James, Thanks for letting me stay btw" I told him and left.

It was a pretty long walk to my house though, As I began walking up the pavement, I first checked if it was quiet. It was, But I knew I couldn't get in. I saw my Father's car and carefully jumped behind the bushes.

He unlocked the door, Dropping the keys. I grabbed them without him noticing, He walked in, Then walked out carrying a box. Went back to his car and drove off. Held the keys, Grocery's and oxygen tank and walked infront of the door unlocking it and carefully walking around the broken glass and plates, And up to my room, Then sat on my bed. 

I went on my computer trying to find something to do, Trying to find a job that is.

I scrolled down the list of jobs and BINGO! I found a job as a Livin Maid. I clicked accept and got the details. I walked out to the Post Office, and printed the details and turns out, I need to go to London. (Yes, I know. One Direction Hehehehe) I went back home and into my room opening a small drawer with a jar full of coins and money, Enough for a trip to London. I've got to live out my life while I still have it, I thought to myself.

The Next Day...

I woke up the same as usual but my parents were home, Yelling again. I knew I couldn't walk out the door so I packed my bags and went through the window, Carefully though. 

I climbed down and started walking, Again passing the Park, But this time on of the kids came up to me and asked "Miss, Where are you going?" She asked (Mackenzie Foy) I remember her, She was the one that ALWAYS smiled and waved back.

"I'm going to London" I smiled.

She looked at me with a little sadness in her eyes. "What? B-but you always pass this park." She said.

"Yes, I know. But I need a job away from here" I told her. She looked at me then her eyes shined. 

"May I come with you?" She asked. I didn't know this girl but I feel liked I've known her forever

"Ask your parents." I said, She looked down.

"I don't have parents" She said. "Thats Why I'm always in the park, It's were I sleep." She explained.

I gave her the biggest hug ever. "Of course you may come" I told her. 

She smiled big and hugged me. "Thank you Miss" She said sweetly

"My name is Delilah, What's your name?" I ask walking holding her slightly little hand.

"My name is Scarlett" She smiled.

"That's a pretty name." I say, She smiled.

Our journey begins now...

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