A Life With Adventure

Delilah has had some troubles in her life, Parents, home, Friends but the worse was having Cancer. She tries and ignores all those problems and choses not to tell anyone, She accepts the fact that she will die soon, And tries her best to make everyone around her smile.


3. The Journey Begins

Delilah's POV

Scarlett and I begin walking to the airport. "I can't wait to get there!" Scarlett yells excitedly, I smile.

"And when we get there, What do you wanna do?" I ask her. She shrugs, I laugh. We walk into the airport, and walk to the counter, Infront of us was a young looking lady around her 20s, Blonde hair into a bun wearing a uniform.

"Tickets please Ma'am" Says. I hand her our tickets. 

"Thank you" She said, I smile and walk to our plane.

We walk through the aisle "Can I get a window seat please?" Scarlett asks. 

"Of course" I nod. We find a seat around the back, Scarlett looks thorugh the window and smiles and what she sees.

After a few hours, Scarlett fell asleep on my shoulder, She's so cute. I put a blanket on her and smile.

I got a message, It was from James.


Hey, where are you? -James

I'm on a plane to London -Delilah

Hahaha, Ok where are r really? -james

I'm on a plane to London -delilah

Oh. ok -James


I couldn't send another message back as I lost Wifi. I slowly fell asleep during the flight.

The next day...

I felt someone poking me, And realised it was Scarlett. I opened my eyes and smiled at her.

"Morning!" She says sweetly

"Morning" I reply, Taking off my oxygen tank like always, Breathing in the air, Then putting it back on.

"Why do you do that?" She asks.

I look at her and smile "Because I wanna feel normal every morning" I say to her.

She just gave me a confused look, I laugh. "What do you mean?" She asks 

"I have lung cancer meaning I breath differently to you, And every morning I wish to wake up and feel normal, And to fufill my wish to do that." I explain

"Oh, D-does that mean your gonna die soon?" She asks, I could feel her depression.

"Yes, But I'm not gonna let that stop me from doing what I wanna do." I simply say and smile, Than give her a hug.

"We have now arrived in London" We hear the voice on the speaker say. We gently land and get off. I get our luggage and we begin walking, When I notice a man holding a sign with my last name on it. Scarlett points to it.

"Is that for you?" She asks, I nod and we begin walking towards it.

"Delilah Elizabeth Waonet?" He asks

"Yep" I nod and we walk to our taxi. We drove through the wonderful city and we drove onto a big driveway, I walk out opening the door for scarlett, And infront of me was a giant mansion,

I was shocked. I wonder who my boss is? I held Scarlett's hand, I turn and wave to the chaffeur, Then walk towards the building. I rung the door bell and waited, It opened and infront of me were 5 british looking boys. (Their famous here Delilah just doesn't know that) 

"Hello" I say smiling.

"Hi, And you are?" One asks (Liam)

"I'm Delilah, The livin house maid" I explain, He opens the door and the boys move aside 

"Welcome" The irish one says (Of course Niall) I smile and walk in with Scarlett with a shocked look on her face.

"And who's this little cutie?" Another with dark hair asks referring to Scarlett.

"This is Scarlett, My sister" I wink to her, And she nods smiling. 

"Nice to meet you" They all hold there hands out to us and we both shake them all.

"You two must be tired, We'll show you to your room" The Deep voiced one says, And we walk in. He leads us to a big room, It was Peachy coloured.

"Woa" I hear Scarlett say.

"Make yourselve's at home" He says and walks away. 

"Ok" I say and We walk in with our bags.

"I'll unpack you can rest for a while" I say to Scarlett

"Are you sure?" She asks 

"Yea, It's ok" I smile, She lays down and immediatly fell asleep. I unpack our things and put them away and walk out quitely shutting the door.

I walk downstairs to where the boys are. 

"Did you need me to clean anything?" I ask, They chuckled

"Not at the moment, Come sit" The irish one says. I sat down on one of the seats.

"Tell us about yourself" The dark haired boy said

"Well, My full name is Delilah Elizabeth Woanet, I'm 18, I- Ummm, I enjoy singing and yea" I explain

"Cool" They say. I couldn't breath properly as I didn't have my oxygen tank.

"Excuse me" I say and ran upstairs without letting them answer. I attach the oxygen tank to my mouth and began breathing again. I sighed in relief and Then the door opened revealing the 5 boys.

"Is that an oxygen tank?" One asks

"Yea" I answered 

"Shhhh" I say pointing to Scarlett. We walk out.

"Is there a reason you have that?" The blonde haired irish boy asked

"I umm... I have lung c-cancer.." I say and look away

I could sense them all stare at me...


Hi Gummie Bears!

Please tell me if you liked it so far, So I know to continue writing or not :)

Thanks guys! <3 <3 



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