A Life With Adventure

Delilah has had some troubles in her life, Parents, home, Friends but the worse was having Cancer. She tries and ignores all those problems and choses not to tell anyone, She accepts the fact that she will die soon, And tries her best to make everyone around her smile.


6. Seeing Them

Delilah's POV

I woke up like any other day, Nothing new. I got up and quietly checked if Scarlett was awake, Nope.

I took a shower and changed into (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=87825835) And did a quick Fishtail.

I walked downstairs and made the boys breakfast, When I heard running. "PANCAKES!" I heard Niall yell on his way down, I laughed.

"It's on the table" I say still laughing. "I'm gonna go out for a bit" I smile. He nodded and ate his pancake.

"Save some for the rest!" I laugh, He chuckled. I walk out locking the door, Bringing my oxygen tank. It was different walking around here, But I must admit I did miss walking past the old street, I walked down the street and saw an IceCream shop and decieded to buy some. I walk and look at the flavours and ordered strawberry and when I turned around i saw... No It can't be, Can it? I-it was my parents, I turned again facing the counter left the money on the counter and took the icecream 

"Keep the change!" I yell and start running, But stop because my breathing was too fast. 

I fix up my oxygen tank so I wasn't breathing to fast or to slow and I continued, What are my parents doing here?! I thought to myself.

I walked onto the huge driveway to there house and knock on the door. Liam opened it, And I walk in.

"Where'd you go?" He asked

"Just to get some IceCream" I say, Trying not to mention I may have saw my parents.

"Cool" He replied and sat down.

"Thanks for making us breakfast, By the way" Niall said smiling, I laughed

"Not a problem" I said. I'm so stressed about my parents, What if it wasn't them? What if it was? What are they even doing here? Would they be here for me? All these questions and more circled my head. When there was a sudden clicking in my face

"Helloooo?" Zayn laughed waving his hand infront of my face, I snapped back to reality. 

"I'm gonna go rest" I say and run up the stairs, Harry was going downstairs and I was runing so fast I bump into him making myself, Harry and my oxygen tank fall down. Considering my oxygen tank fell and practically broke I couldn't breath properly. I held my chest, Trying to breath, Everything became blurry and In less that 5 seconds I was out cold.

Harry's POV

She fell down with her oxygen tank following her. It broke and she couldn't breath, I ran to her as did the boys. Scarlett walked out of the room and walked towards us.

"What happened?" She asked, We moved out of the way and she ran towards us. 

"DELILAH!" She cried and hugged her.

"Does she have another oxygen tank?!" Niall asked

We all looked concerned of course.

"Check her bag!" Zayn yelled with a concerned look on his face, Liam nodded and ran up checking her bag, He came back holding one and ran towards us. 

'Here!" He yelled and threw it to us, I caught it and attached it to her, She was becoming pale. Scarlett was crying, Hugging Delilah tight.

We lay her on the couch, And after a few minutes, She began moving.

Delilah's POV

I was trapped in my own body, I felt like I couldn't get out. I tried opening my eyes, But it didn't work. Those minutes I didn't breath were horrifying, I thought I was going to die. I tried moving, That worked which was good.

I could hear mumbling,Then Finally, I opened my eyes. It was still a little blurry, I saw the boys with worried looks on there face and Scarlett with dry tears. I was being attacked with hugs, I laughed as did everyone else.

I was happy I'm alive.

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