A Life With Adventure

Delilah has had some troubles in her life, Parents, home, Friends but the worse was having Cancer. She tries and ignores all those problems and choses not to tell anyone, She accepts the fact that she will die soon, And tries her best to make everyone around her smile.


9. Scarlett...

Delilah's POV

I was crying. Tears streaming from my eyes, It felt as if I was drowning in my own pain, suffering from what I caused. I could have helped her, but I didn't, I stood there useless and in shock. I ran as fast as my feet allowed and as long as my lungs could handle. Ignoring the many yells I got from the boys behind me. I just needed a friend and Scarlett, well, I just don't know what to do. I fell to the ground as my lungs had given up on me. I let it, living didn't bother me during those few seconds before It went black.

Minutes earlier..

It was around the evening when Scarlett and I started to stroll around town, just to take it in and get more used to it. The boys were at home being the lazy asses they are, ha. Speaking of the boys, recently I have noticed that they have been acting strange around me and it bothers me so much. I know it's just a silly little thing but, It's so noticeable, I'm just the kind of person to notice. 

I was then lost in my mind, my thoughts. Scarlett wandered off into the park with me slowly following her still trying to figure out this situation with the boys. She played around and I glanced at her here and then, But obviously not enough. When I turned to check on her again she wasn't there. I looked around,

"Scarlett!" I yelled. 

"Scarlett?!" I repeated, but this time louder.

I began to panic, how could I let her out of my sight?!

"sh*t" I muttered under my breath. I began to stress. Then I heard a soft voice trying to escape from behind me.

"Delil-" She tried to say, but she was taken into a van. how clichè, but that's not the point. I tried to chase after the car, but it felt as if my feet were stuck to the floor. I struggled trying to escape the grasp that didn't exist but alas, I didn't try enough. Next thing I knew I stood there speechless and paralyzed at what I had witnessed. It was me, my fault. My phone vibrated in my pocket multiple times but I couldn't answer. 

Harry's POV

The lads and I were offered to go to the park with Delilah and Scarlett, but we couldn't handle the awkward tension with her. 

After a while, I noticed they had been gone for a while.

"Lads, it's been a while. Should we check on them?" I questioned the boys. The TV screen had been paused.

"Alright." Louis said calling Delilah's phone several times. 

"She's not answering." he said. 

I of course was curious. 

"Should we check a the park if they're there?" I asked. 

When they all agreed we walked out to the park.

Present time.. 


Hey guys! So I hope you liked this chapter :) I tried to add a little suspense in the end there, like a cliffhanger hehe. 

Give me some feedback please in the comments and I'll update soon! 





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