A Life With Adventure

Delilah has had some troubles in her life, Parents, home, Friends but the worse was having Cancer. She tries and ignores all those problems and choses not to tell anyone, She accepts the fact that she will die soon, And tries her best to make everyone around her smile.


5. Getting To Know Each Other

Liam's POV

Delilah was crying, I felt sorry for her. I wonder why she was crying about? I sat down next to the boys, When Delilah walked in as if nothing happened, No tears, They were all wiped away and she was smiling. 

"I'll start cleaning your rooms" She said and began walking upstairs.

"Wait we haven't even introduced ourselves" Harry said

"Yea" I agreed.

"Very well then, Introduce yourselves" She said standing on the stairs

"I'm Harry" Harry said 

"Niall" Niall said

"Zayn" Zayn said

"I'm the Carrot King" Louis said laughing

"Ok, What's your real name?" She laughed

"Louis" He said, She looked over to me 

"Liam" I said, She is a very sweet girl.

"Ok, You've introduced yourselves, I'll get cleaning" She smiled and continued walking up.

"It must be sad for her having cancer and all" Harry said turning off the TV so we could hear each other

"Yes, Earlier I saw her crying infront of the house" I told them

"Do you know why?" Niall asked

"No, She was on the phone before that though" I explained

"I wonder how her sister copes with this too" Zayn said

"Let's go check on Scarlett she hasn't eaten yet" Louis said, Going to the kitchen and getting carrots for Scarlett.

We walked up the stairs and gently knocked on the door Scarlett was in.

"Come in!" We heard her voice say. We opened the door and walked in.

"Oh, Hello" She said, She was making a little blanket fort.

"We brought you some carrots!" Louis basically shouted, Scarlett giggled. It was cute

We walked over and sat down handing her the carrots, She took them and began eating.

"Nice looking fort" I told her. 

"Thank you" She smiled, Finishing it off and going inside closing the pillow, Which in this case was the door. 

We all smiled at how cute she was, "Lets go lads" Zayn said getting up. As did all of us, We walked into the room where Delilah was cleaning to check on her. The rooms were very clean and tidy.

We all walked downstairs, and turned the TV back on.

"I must say lads she is completely beautiful" Niall said.

We all nodded in agreement.

"Are you falling for her already Niall?" Zayn asked Niall.

"No no, I was just saying. Plus you all agreed" He stated

We all chuckled, Delilah began walking down the stairs.

"Is there anything else you wanted me to clean?" She asked, We shook our heads

"No, Come rest here you must be tired"Zayn said, She sat down next to Niall and I (Seating postions: Zayn, Louis, Liam, Delilah, Niall, Harry)

Scarlett started walking down, "Hello!" She smiled.

We all said "Hi" She ran down and sat onto Delilah's lap.

"Soooooo" Delilah said breaking the silence.

We all laughed.

After a few minutes of watching TV, Laughing and getting to know each other more, Delilah and Scarlett walked upstairs to their room and went to bed.

That was a pretty good day.


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