A Life With Adventure

Delilah has had some troubles in her life, Parents, home, Friends but the worse was having Cancer. She tries and ignores all those problems and choses not to tell anyone, She accepts the fact that she will die soon, And tries her best to make everyone around her smile.


7. Fun Day!

Next Day..

Delilah's POV

I heard people yellling, Which woke me up. I got up and saw that Scarlett wasn't in her bed, She's probably downstairs.

I quickly got changed and walked downstairs and began laughing.

Louis aimed his nerf gun to me and shot me, I laughed

"Oh, Hell No!" I say and start running downstairs and grabbed a gun from the floor, I felt someone shoot me from the back and turned around to see Scarlett. I laughed and shot her, 

"WOOP WOOP!" I yell and through my hands up the air, Just then everyone shot me and I went down laughing.

"Oh get up!" Zayn playfully said, Everyone laughed and I got up chasing Scarlett as she giggled.

We all just kept laughing and laughing. 

"Ok, Scarlett & Delilah Get ready!" Lous says pointing his finger in the air

"Why?" I ask

"We are going to a carnival, It is the Annual Fun Day! Here in the One Direction Mansion!" He explained.

Scarlett and I laughed and followed Louis's orders, Then came back ready. When I got a call, I checked my phone, It was James! Godess I missed him

"Excuse me" I say smiling and walked outside.

"Hey There Delilah" He said, Ha I missed that

"Hey James" I laugh

"How's London?" He asks

"It's good thanks, How's the grocery shop?" I laugh, I could sense a grin.

"It's not the same without you" He laughed

"Delilah!" I heard Louis yell

"I've got to go, Sorry I'll call you later?" I told him

"Ok, Bye" He said and the line went dead. I walked inside

"Eleanor is coming soon" He said, I gave him a confused look

"Whose Eleanor?" I ask

"Oh yes! I forgot, Eleanor is my GirlFriend He explained

"Ohh" I say and nod

We all walked outside and Eleanor's car parked infront of the drive way and out came a fit tallish model looking girl, That must be Eleanor.

She walks up and greets us all

"Eleanor meet Delilah" Louis pointed to me, We shook hands

"And Scarlett her younger sister" He finished, She nelt down and shook her hand

"Hello" She said.

"LET US GO!" I heard Niall yell, We all laughed and got into the van and we drove off to the Carnival

At the end of the day...

(Still) Delilah's POV

That was the best day of my life! We had a blast, The boys even won us prizes. Eleanor has about 5 prizes all from Louis, There such a cute couple.

Scarlett got 3, 2 from me and 1 from Zayn.

I got 4, 1 from Niall, 1 from Harry, 1 from Liam and 1 from Zayn.

These boys are such sweethearts, I thought to myself.


Hey Gummie Bears!

I hope you enjoyed this chapter :)

Sorry It's a bit short. 




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