love at first sight

when tyler saves savannahs life and protects her from every day life they have a connection more than anything they have ever felt


4. snakes

during class zayn tyler and me sit in the back corner of the class, as usual, and they're always asking me to draw things for them

"draw a silver ghost taking someone's soul" zayn asked and all three of us smiled, this is the biggest thing they have asked me to do, it takes til lunch to finish, i shaded, filled in, blended, all of it, the ghost was hovering over a girl with blonde hair, you could see her soul being taken out of her, when i finish zayn runs around showing every one he knows, tyler and me just laugh at him making a fool out of himself

"im surprised you and zayn are getting along so well right now" tyler laughs

"we were talking to each other last night after school, we both agreed to be nice to each other or neither of us would get within ten feet of each other, and we both know that you like both of us equally, but we don't trust each other at all" he looks at me as zayn comes crashing into the table and falls to the ground laughing, i help him up and he sits beside me on the bench, today we're sitting with some of zayns popular friends, they all look at me amazed when zayn shows them the pictures i drew them

"wow youre good" Zach said, i had already given them my number and received theirs

"yeah, how did you do it" Sam asked

"i don't know really, this is the most complicated thing they have asked me to do, i started it in first hour, and i just finished" the four look at me surprised, "if you want me to draw you something write it down on a paper and i will get it back to you as soon as i can" they quickly pass around a piece of paper with six things for me to do and their names next to them, Zach wrote a flaming race car, sam said a picture of a dog and a cat dancing together, Daniel said his name in graffiti letters, Michael said a hot girl in a bikini, i look at him smiling, he laughs, tyler said a pretty picture of me, i blush, and zayn said us two kissing in the rain, i fold the paper and put it in my pocket

"ok, ill get to it next hour" they all smile, zayn and tyler smile at me devilishly, i laugh and the bell rings, i walk with them to class, we have science, there are tables of three so we take the one in the back

"start on mine first" zayn whispers in my ear

"im doing yours at home, and tylers, and michaels, i am not doing them during school, ill get suspended" he laughs at me

"chicken" i hear tyler say as he sets up the table, i slap his arm and they both laugh

"good morning class, today we will be dissecting snakes" the fat teacher says

"well, looks im drawing next hour" i say disappointedly

"yep" tyler says, when i look at zayn he is wide eyed, then i remember he is allergic to snakes, he raises his hand to be excused

"yes zayn"

"i cant do this assignment" he says , i can see him start to sweat

"and why is that" the teacher looks mad

"im allergic to snakes" he says getting a little red

"your parents didnt say anything about you being allergic"

"because i was recently diagnosed to being allergic, i need to leave" he snapped, the teacher put a snake on our desk first, he backs away

"then you should have had your parents tell the school"

"they cant, i live on my own" he says, he holds onto me for a support

"mr s, he looks like he is gonna pass out" a student yells out, he ignores her, zayn collapses on me, and without doing anything else tyler and i put his arms around us and walk him out of the classroom, we almost run to the nurse

when we run into the nurses office the nurse runs over to us as we lay him on a bed

"what happened" she says checking his pulse

"the science teacher said we were dissecting snakes and wouldn't let him leave since he is allergic" i say without pausing for breath, she brings over a needle with fluid in it

"whats that" tyler asks

"its a medicine to help him breathe while we get a ambulance, i don't have anything for him" she injects it into him, "go tell the principle to fire that teacher for almost killing this boy and tell them to call an ambulance" we run into the front office

"can we speak with the principle right now and call an ambulance" the woman gestures to the door to the principles and calls the nearest hospital, we run into the office where principle Howe sits at his desk

"you need to talk to and maybe even fire mr Sanchez, he wouldn't let out friend zayn out of the class when he was allergic to our assignment, he is passed out in the nurse now, and the lady up front called an ambulance" i catch my breath as he gets up and gestures us to follow him down to mr s's classroom

"these students claim that your teacher refused to let zayn out of the classroom when he was allergic to" he pauses and looks at the snakes on the desks, "snakes"

"yes sir" they all say at once

"they might have saved his life running him down to the nurse as soon as he passed out" one of the boys said and looked at me dreamy eyed, i smile at him

"is this true" he asks the teacher, mr s nodded, mr Howe pointed for the door and frowned at him viciously, he walked out of the class with his personal belongings and the class cheered for us as we took our seats

"savannah, tyler, if you want to make the ride to the hospital with mr alveres you better grab your belongings and go" he smiled at us, we grabbed our things, i got zayns and we ran down the hallway as the ambulance pulled up, we rode to the hospital with him and waited next to his bed while the doctors gave him the medicine and connected him to a machine

"if you wouldn't mind please wait in the waiting room" we left the room, we waited for what seemed like hours until the doctor walked out with bad news about zayn

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