love at first sight

when tyler saves savannahs life and protects her from every day life they have a connection more than anything they have ever felt


3. present

at lunch today zayn and i sat at our own table, catching up on each other, we talked more than we ate, by the time lunch was over we hadn't even eaten half of our food, but we weren't hungry anyway, right now i am on my bed staring up at the picture of zayn i drew last night, then i have an idea, , i grab a large piece of paper and start to draw, i don't even get up to go to the bathroom, i stay up all night drawing and listening to up all night by one direction, the only time i leave is to get a bowl of fruit

"savannah!!!" i hear tommy, my older brother calling me, i run to his room

"what do you want now" i complain

"i want to know who that kid is on your ceiling" he pulls me into his room

"its my friend zayn, now let me out, i need to finish something" i get away from his grip, run into my room and lock the door, i get down on my stomach and continue to draw, i finish at three in the morning, i drew a picture of me and zayn kissing in the rain, surrounded by flowers and an arch covered in hearts, but then i think about tyler, i love zayn, and i have known him for a long time, and i love tyler too, he protected me and saved my life, but i have only known him for a few days

"im so confused" i cover my face with my hands and sit on the floor in front of my picture, i stare at the picture until seven this morning, i fall out of the trance when zayn texts me

"good morning babe, hope tyler doesn't show today"

"do you know where he is, i want him to show"

"i have no clue where he is, sorry"

its ok, im worried"

"yeah, i know what you mean" i don't respond, i go and take a cold shower to wake me up, when i get out there is a box on my bed, i sit down and open it up, tommy must have gotten the mail today, when in open it i see a beautiful pure gold ring, and a diamond studded necklace, i find a little card, it says

"i love you babe"

it doesn't have a name on it, i assume its from zayn, so i text him

"did you get me a ring and necklace"

"yeah, do you like them, i bought them myself"

"i love them, thank you so much"

no problem babe, see you later" i laugh and stare at the ring until its time too go, i run out the door, i meet tyler on the way and run over to hug him, he hugs me back tight

"where have you been i missed you so much, and guess what, zayn and i are friends again"

"that's great, im glad you two finally made up"

"thanks, come on, lets go, or were gonna be late" we walk to school hand in hand

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