love at first sight

when tyler saves savannahs life and protects her from every day life they have a connection more than anything they have ever felt


6. preperations

after two full weeks of preparation, we are almost ready to have our concert, a store down the street even let us perform there, right inside the store, i even found out tyler can play guitar, he volunteered to be our guitarist, we'll even have fox 10 news there, we will be on live TV for every one to see us raising money for the hospital

omg, the concert is in two days, zayn and i are singing radioactive, stereo heart, feel again, cant hold us, and just a kiss by lady antebellum, it is going to be awesome, and every one that comes in the store will see us perform

"have we got all the posters up around town" i ask tyler

"yeah, we have gotten all the fliers out to the closest three schools, including ours, the posters are hung on major stores and restaurants, and some apartments" i check that off of my list

"good, did you check with the manager of Wal-Mart, i think it is"

"yeah, and yeah, he said he has the little stage in the back for us and its all good with him and the workers, but they don't think were good, i could tell by the way he looked at us"

"well isn't he nice" i laugh looking up from my clipboard

"yep" he laughs as we walk into zayns room in the hospital, he can get out today, but we wanna stay around and visit the little kids in the hospital and ask them if they wanna come see us perform

"when are we gonna walk around the hospital" zayn complains

"as soon as the doctor lets you out" i look at his doctor, he is young and seems o be checking me out when ever im in the same room as him, its weird but he is really funny and nice

"in about an hour, i still need to get your prescription ready" he looks at me again, he has black wavy hair, and green eyes, i can tell he likes me, when ever zayn or tyler see him looking at me they pull me close to let him know im theirs, i laugh every time

"omg, im so bored" zayn sits up slowly like a mummy, its funny

"sing a little, lets rehearse for Saturday" lets start with just a kiss" i say smiling, i put on the music on my phone and start singing as troy(zayns doctor) listens carefully pretending to write down zayns prescription

when we finish tyler and troy clap for us, we play our newest addition need you now by lady antebellum, they clap, cant hold us, they clap, radioactive, they clap, stereo heart, and radioactive, they clap, and we hear applause from outside, we laugh and troy finishes zayns prescription and we leave, he slips something into my front pocket when no ones looking and leaves before i can say anything, i take out a piece of paper with a cell phone number and a note saying

"hi, if he gets hurt again tell me" i laugh, that's not all he gave me his number for, he likes me, he's not too much older than me, he is in his early twenties and im thirteen, so its not too bad

"whats that" zayn looks at me smiling

"a number i got from another patient earlier" i say putting it back in my pocket

"sure it is, troy put it in your pocket before he left didnt he" zayn replies

"how did you know" i say shocked

"he talks about you when youre not around, he asks a lot of questions about you, he likes you" he pulls me in and squeezes me tight

"i could guess, he looks at me a lot like he is checking me out or something" they both laugh as troy walks back in with a bottle of pills for zayn

"here, take two every morning for a week" he hands them to him, "go ahead and take two now" he hands zayn a glass of water as i sit on the bed next to him

"savannah, can you put these in my backpack"

"yeah" i take the bottle and walk past troy to zayns backpack, i put it in the smallest pocket and walk back to zayn and tyler

"so can i get out of here now" zayn sings

"i guess so" troy says laughing, tyler and zayn pull me into the hallway after zayn grabbed his bag

"let me change then ill be ready" he runs for the bathroom

"im gonna get something to eat, wanna come" tyler offers

"no thanks, ill stay here"

"ok, be back asap" he says running down the hall, i sit on the bench in front of zayns room and go on twitter, so many people are wishing us luck for Saturday, and then there's one that gets my attention, someone says that we are gonna suck and should have left zayn to die on the classroom floor, i guess someone tweeted we saved zayns life, there are multiple tweets saying how much they hate us and we're going to suck, and ugly, and fat, and terrible singers, for some reason i start to cry, i guess because they hate us for no reason, and they hate our youtube videos, saying they suck, and we are just a waste of space and shouldn't be alive, and the saddest part is, i believe them

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