love at first sight

when tyler saves savannahs life and protects her from every day life they have a connection more than anything they have ever felt


5. bad news

when the doctor tells us that zayn has had a bad head injury, he might not remember some things, he lets us go in the room, when i sit down next to him i grab his hand, im guessing he hit his head on the table when he collapsed

"he's waking up" tyler interrupts my thoughts, i look into his blue eyes, he looks at me confused

"zayn, do you remember me" i say in a sweet voice

"no i don't, im sorry, hey tyler, whats up" he pulls his hand away from mine and fist bumps tyler, i get up and search through his backpack while he talks to tyler, i pull out all the pictures i drew him, i come back over to him and hand him the pictures

"do you remember anything, anything at all about these drawings" i ask looking at him as he looks through the pictures, he looks at me and shakes his head

"im sorry i don't remember much but about me and tyler, you look familiar but i cant think of it"

"im savannah, i used to be your girlfriend" he looks at me and smiles

"i think i remember, you broke up with me so i bullied you til recently, and you drew these for me, and some for tyler" i hug him tight, he hugs me back, he strokes my hair with his hand, he motioned for tyler to join us, he refuses but i grab his hand and pull him in, zayn strokes tylers cheek and i laugh

"you are such a creeper zayn" tyler breaks away from zayn, i love them so much, i decide to have just a good friendship with both of them, so i pull tyler out into the hallway

"hey, whats wrong" he laughs

"tyler, i don't wanna hurt your feelings, but can we just be friends, i really like you, i love you, and i love zayn, and i have been having a hard time deciding who to choose, but i cant, so i just want for the three of us to be good friends" he smiles and hugs me

"i was hoping you would make a good decision" when we walk back in the room zayn is looking at us smiling

"what happened" he says looking at us devilishly

"she broke up with me, she wants to be just friends" he hugs me again

"she gave up a guy like you, so she wouldn't have to choose between a guy like you, and a freak like me"

"well, i love you both, i used to be your girlfriend, and you both are just amazing and i love you both with all my heart"

"aawww savannah" tyler pushes us into zayn so they can both hug me

"you guys are the best friends ever, and what happened after i passed out" i didnt want him to ask, so tyler explains

"we rushed you to the nurse, she gave you some medicine to help you breathe while waiting on the ambulance, we got that thing fired, the class cheered for us, you are the most popular kid in school"

"i am not, wait, they cheered because you saved me" he looks surprised

"yeah, every girl wants you, and every guy wishes they were you, youre hot, popular, and a singer" zayn looks at me like how did you know

"you sing" tyler looks at him smiling

"yeah, and how do you know"

"one night while you were still bullying me you dialed me on accident, and you started singing, i cant remember what song, but you are really good" he blushes and i hug him

"sing for us, ill record it" tyler says taking out his phone

"what song" i think for a minute

"radioactive" i jump up and down, "i love that song" i play the music

"whoa, whoa, whoa,

whoa, whoa, whoa,

whoa, whoa, whoa,


im waking up, to ash and dust,

i wipe my brow, and i sweat my rust,

im breathing the chemicals,,,,

im breaking in, shaping up, then im checking out on the prison bus,

this is it, the apocalypse,


im waking up, i feel it in my bones

enough to male my systems blow

welcome to the new age, to the new age

welcome to the new age, to the new age

whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, im radioactive, radioactive

whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, im radioactive, radioactive" tylers mouth drops, holding up his phone recording, i smile at him as he finishes

"you were amazing" i yell and hug him again, we hear clapping from in the hallway, i open the door to see all the doctors, and patients that can walk around clapping for him

"you are really good, im surprised, how come you didnt tell anyone"

"i didnt think i was that good, i was actually planning to sing for savannah, but i couldn't find the right song" i blush

"you are amazing at singing, and i know a song or two to choose from" i write a couple songs down on a piece of paper

"i can look into it" the people outside cheer

"hey, maybe we can set up a concert to raise money for the hospital"

"that's a great idea tyler, i can make flyers" i yell jumping up and down

"lets start" tyler pulls me out of the room to go get supplies from the store down the street, we come back with loads of sharpies, paper, and poster boards

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