love at first sight

when tyler saves savannahs life and protects her from every day life they have a connection more than anything they have ever felt


1. meeting him

the final bell rings and schools out, i almost run out of the class room before zayn could get to me, he's the bully that bullies me every day after school, but what most people don't know is that he used to love me, and when i broke his heart, he made me miserable every day, i ran out the front door towards home, when i rounded the corner around the school he was there, he was slightly taller the=an me, his hair is brown and long, and he has deep blue eyes, he walked towards me, i tried to run, but he caught me, he dragged me behind the school and pinned me against the wall and punched me in the gut, i fall to the ground and he starts kicking me where ever he can get to, he grabs my arm and throws me into a pole, grabs my neck and holds me above him

"you will suffer when ever i see you" he says squeezing my neck tighter, i feel light headed

"why don't you just leave the poor girl alone zayn" i look in the direction of the voice, there was a good looking boy, one of zayns friends, his hands are in fists, he has long brown hair, and brown eyes, he has muscles, larger than zayns, when i look back at zayn he stands there wide eyed worried and furious, he puts me down and grabs my wrist to make sure i don't run away

"and why should i?" he says dragging me over to the boy, he looks at me, then back at zayn

"this is wrong, and you know it, she's a good girl, she doesn't even talk to you" the boy argues

"she broke my heart, ok" he says squeezes my wrist, "she was my girlfriend and she broke my heart when she broke up with me!" zayn yells at him

"that's no reason to beat her up every day" tyler gets furious

"then what else should i do, send her flowers" i felt awkward sitting here during this conversation, but i don't move, i just sit and listen, but no one says anything, zayn looks down at me horrified, its like it was never him beating me up all along, he releases his grip on my arm and runs, the boy helps me up and looks at the cuts on my face

"he almost killed you, i have never seen him go so far" he says rubbing a tear that escaped my eye, i look at him in the eyes, he knows why im crying, i can see it in his eyes, i give up and let all the tears i have been holding back roll down my beaten up face, i look down at the ground, the boy pulls me into a hug, he slides something in my back pocket, he releases me and grabs my shoulders, he is about to cry, his eyes are getting red and he's sniffing, he pushes his hair out of his eyes and walks away, i grab my backpack and walk home

when i walk in i sneak up to my room and cry myself to sleep like i do every night, my mom wakes me up for dinner but i tell her i don't want dinner tonight and i just wanna sleep, i remember the thing the boy put in my pocket, i pull it out, its a letter, the letter is not very long but it looks important, so i start to read it out loud to myself

                  "dear savannah,

   i love you, i have since the day i saw you, and at the time you were going out with zayn, and i didn't know you broke up til recently, and i really never got the chance to tell you how i really feel, and i was always too shy to say anything to you in person, and i don't think that you feel the same way, and if you do please tell me, if you don't i understand, im just not what you want, and when i saw zayn bullying you for the first time i thought he just wanted you like that so you would be his only, but when i realized that he hate you i thought he might kill you, i have saved you before, I've hid and threw rocks at him to get his attention long enough for you to run, it worked sometimes and sometimes it didnt, and the time he slammed your head against the wall id thought id lost you until you got up crying and ran home, im sorry i haven't  been there for you more i was afraid of zayn, i hope you can forgive me for that

                                                               love always


i stare at the piece of paper in my hands, i put it on the bed and go take a long shower, when i come out i see two papers on the bed not one, i pick up the extra one that has a number on it and the words "text me please" so i pick up my phone and say this

"hey is this tyler" i drop my phone on the bed and go downstairs and get a bowl of cherries and strawberries, when i come back to my room my phone rings letting me know i have a text message, i pick it up and its tyler

"ya, im sorry for abandoning you and you didnt even know that i was helping you"

"its ok, and about how you said you liked me, i like you, i didnt know your name bcuz i was too afraid to talk to you"

"really? you do?" he says with a smiley face, i laugh


"then will you be my girlfriend?" he asks me, im speechless

"yes:D"  i say finally

"great, srry, i have to go, ill see you tomorrow beautiful" he says

"ok, u too"

"haha" he responds, i pop a cherry in my mouth and smile, i remember the cuts on my face and go put medicine on them in the bathroom, i go lay down on my bed and close my eyes thinking about my new boyfriend, before i go to sleep i think of how mad zayn will be when he finds out

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