Arianna swore she never would do anything that would make people talk about her even more then they already did. But when she falls in love with Ethan, its too late to keep that promise.


1. The Beginning

The love story starts in a small rainy town in the northwest United States. A dot on the map, a town with only 9,857 people. People didn't dream of coming to visit, they dreamnt of leaving. Most people never made it out. They lived their entire lives in Wintertown, from the time they were born, to the time they died.  If you look a little closer at the dot on the map, you can see WTHS, Wintertown High School. And that is where the story begins.


The hallways were loud and crowded. Arianna pushed her way between a group of giggling girls and opened her locker. She shoved her books into her bag and slammed it shut.

"Hey girl," A voice chirped in her ear. Arianna turned around. It was her best friend, Ruby. "Can you believe theres only one week left of school?" She asked Arianna. "Then all the seniors graders will be gone." Ruby's boyfriend, and Ariannas guy best friend, Ethan, was graduating in a week.

"No," She sighed. 'I'm gonna miss everyone so much."

"Me too," Ruby said. "Especially Ethan." The girls linked arms and walked down the stairs to the front doors.

"Slut," Someone whispered in Ariannas ear. There were plenty of rumours around school about her, doing... things she had never done. Arianna's face turned red and she ran out the doors into the rain. Ruby was about to run after her, but saw Ethan. She came up to him and kissed him, leaving Arianna crying.

Ethan broke away. "What the hell? Your best friends crying and you dont run after her?"

"She's fine." Ruby responded. Ethan rolled his eyes and walked away.


Arianna sat at her desk, wiping tears away from her eyes. She was so sick of hearing people call her that. Somebody told all of WTHS that she went to third base with Ruby's boyfriend last summer. It was a stupid rumor though. Her phone chimed. It was a text from Ethan.

Ethan: You okay?

Arianna: Not really. i hate being called a slut.

Ethan: People are stupid.You need to stop listening to them because you are an amazing girl and nothing anyone ever said about you is true. Your so pretty, and you don't deserve to hear what people say.

Arianna: Thanks :)

Ethan: No problem :)

Arianna set her phone down and smiled. He was so sweet to her.

________________________END OF CHAPTER ONE_________________



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