Adopted?! (Louis Tomlinson fan fic)

Faith Gunn's parents died at the age of 30 and 32 her and her twin brother we're only 11 when it happened... they lived in the orphanage until they were 18 then someone adopted both of them...
Who adopted them you ask? we don't know... we will have to find out together...


7. the call

Faith's P.O.V.

I looked everywhere for Erik, but he seems to be nowhere in Louis' house. Until I get a phone call *BeepBeep* I went I quickly grabbed it off the counter to see Louis' hand on top of mine, we looked into eachothers eyes, he leaned closer and we kissed. Not just an ordinary romantic kiss, it was full of love and lust, so passionate and sweet. we pulled apart for me saying "No, I cant do this! you have a beautiful girlfriend and im not even pretty! Everyone thinks im Ugly! and you know that!" I half screamed "Oh no, Eleanor is going to kill me" I continue "Don't let them say you ain't Beautiful, They can all get fucked just stay true to you." he said to me I went to answer my phone to see a call from.. Harry? "How the hell did harry get my number?" I whispered to myself "Oh uhh, we all got your number before you we're adopted" he nervously laughed "Seriously?" "Yeah" "Well okay then.." I smirked then I click the green 'call' button, raise it up to my ear and say "Hello?"

(H-Harry F-Faith E-Erik)

F- "Hello?"

H-"Hey Faith its Harry, umm your brother is with me right now, anddddd he has something to say to you... is that okay?"

I sighed in relief that he was okay.

F-"Yeah, sure. Put him on.."

*Hears walking stomps and a yell saying"ERIK PHONES FOR YOU"*



E-"Yeah sorry Mel im uhh going to head out harrys door and come to Louis' okay?"

F-Alright, but hurry, no longer than 10 minutes! Bye"


I click the 'End' Button then I get another call from.. 'Unknown name'?

I press the green 'call' button to hear...


cliffhanger!!! hahaha so, who do you think it was? was it faiths BFF?

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