Adopted?! (Louis Tomlinson fan fic)

Faith Gunn's parents died at the age of 30 and 32 her and her twin brother we're only 11 when it happened... they lived in the orphanage until they were 18 then someone adopted both of them...
Who adopted them you ask? we don't know... we will have to find out together...


11. The brake up >:D

Eleanor's P.O.V.

I walked around bord out of my head, I wonder where Faith and Erik is, they must be at Louis' i ran back to my house, got my car keys, went to my car, started it up and i drove to Lou's

after what felt about 5 or more minutes i arrived at Louis' house. I knocked on his door for a girl about my age opened up, it wasn't Faith it was a random chick, i pushed her out the way and ran into Louis' room for him to be sleeping, i started throwing punches at him repeatedly but failing to hurt him, i was crying so hard i just collapsed "I HATE YOU!!" i scream at him he finally woke up "Wha..?" "YOU FUCKING CHEATED ON ME!! I thought I trusted you.." "What?! I didn't cheat on you! what are you talking about?!" "I saw your ex-girlfriend in your house, IN JUST UNDERGARDMENTS!" "Okay first Eww, and second Imma kill her.." he looked angry and... Happy?? "You love her don't you.." "What! no I don't.." "How come your eyes are angry and happy? Explain that!" "I umm.. I, I kinda like umm, Faith..." he said scared "ok, okay im fine" I said sarcasticly get up and walk to the door "Have a nice life without me, I know where you live" I yell and run out the house in my car and drive to harry's knock on his door and ask for faith "sure one moment." "FAITH" he yells "Coming gawd," she says to him "Oh hey Eleanor, whats up? here come in and meet me in the living room, i'll make us some tea" she says as I walk to the living room.. a few minutes passed and she came out "Here ya go, ok tell me whats wrong, I can tell cause of your eyes, NOT IN A CREEPY WAY!" she yells the last part which makes me laugh "well, I just broke up with Louis.."

Faith's P.O.V.

".. And he said he liked you" my eyes lit up for some reason "Oh my got, Eleanor I have two things to say, 1. OMG I feel sooooo badd and 2. why did I get excited for a sec?" "because you like him, I can see it Faith, He's perfect to you, its like your name got you and Louis together for a reason, but im still angry.." she says "El, my gosh... but If me and Louis ever date, do you promise you wont get jelly and we can still be friends? and not let Louis inbetween us?" I ask man, do I hate telling the truth but she deserves to.. ok here it goes "sure" she says

"And one thing" "Anything Faith" "umm Louis, uhh... LouiskissedmewhileiwasgoingtopickupmyphoneandjustBOOMithappenedimsooooooosorryplease forgive me..?" I say a little to quickly "Wha? I didn't hear you.." "Louis kissed me while I was picking up my phone and BOOM it just happened im sooooooo sorry please forgive me??" I say a little slower, she had hurt in her eyes and a hint of sadness "W-Why? Why would you, MY  BEST FRIEND, do that? Why??? I have to go, im sorry.. I cant take this anymore.." she ran to the kitchen, and heard a scream, I got up and harry saw me, I whispered "Eleanor, oh god" and ran to the kitchen to she Eleanor on the floor with a knife in straight threw her heart "Oh my god, Eleanor, YOUR BLEEDING.. PLEASE STAY WITH ME.. HARRY CALL AN AMBULANCE HURRY" he looked for a phone and called the ambulance..

"Please stay with me El..... Please.." "Faith, remember.. i'll be watching over you.. and that someone loves you.. I-i'll protect you up there, I love you Faith.. remember that.." and then that was the last time I saw her, heard her voice, and her beautiful face and eyes, hair.. Ect..



How was it? I updated, im sorry, I was busy getting ready for collage, it starts in a few days!! :D love you my stans

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