Adopted?! (Louis Tomlinson fan fic)

Faith Gunn's parents died at the age of 30 and 32 her and her twin brother we're only 11 when it happened... they lived in the orphanage until they were 18 then someone adopted both of them...
Who adopted them you ask? we don't know... we will have to find out together...


32. holy shit

hey im back i think.

holy shit though. 6K reads. thats more than my high school. shit thats a lot. cx

Thank you again for reading. I'm trying to be on and I apologize for not being on for more than 2 years(?) . its been rough all over with school and now im in grade 9 and stuff and i wrote this stuff when i was in grade 6 and thats just crazy to think i've had this up for that long and got that much. 


i'd love to contact whoever is still here!

Kik: Deviltion

instagram: @all.time.llama

twitter: @WildMonGooseDog


i love you all. seriously.


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