Adopted?! (Louis Tomlinson fan fic)

Faith Gunn's parents died at the age of 30 and 32 her and her twin brother we're only 11 when it happened... they lived in the orphanage until they were 18 then someone adopted both of them...
Who adopted them you ask? we don't know... we will have to find out together...


27. Happy Thanksgiving!

Okay, so since I live in Canada, Its Thanksgiving right now, and Im sadly going to be eating dinner a little earlier than I expected xD right now its 11:50 am and I woke up 20 minutes ago, So my parents are pissed at me. And I just wanted to say sorry, Only because I had to get rid of the sequel, So what Im going to do is.... *Drumroll* Make another 1D fan fiction for you!!! Because its my best way of saying sorry..


So what do you think? Should I make another one? Or.. Should I just stop making 1D fanfictions forever? Please comment of what I should do!

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