Adopted?! (Louis Tomlinson fan fic)

Faith Gunn's parents died at the age of 30 and 32 her and her twin brother we're only 11 when it happened... they lived in the orphanage until they were 18 then someone adopted both of them...
Who adopted them you ask? we don't know... we will have to find out together...


10. A/N

hey everyone! i miss all the comments! where de comments at?! there all so good! just ugh amazing lol so yeah, i just wanted to tell you all that i just noticed (im not a big directioner) that my boyfriends birthday is on Niall's birthday lol, i never knew that and i wont be able to update a lot now D: because! yes i have a reason! Because my dad is using my computer more often now cause his computer broke..and we don't have enough money to fix it, sooooo yeah! Love you my stans! yes! I got a Louis' Ex,  I can finally continue!!!! thanks directionerfalife !!!


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